Monday, March 18, 2013

What I Wore: Grey

I'm dressed for the weather today: grey. I am so sick of winter, I can hardly stand it. I am counting down the days until the take-off Friday morning that will spirit the kids and me to the warmth and sun of the Texas Hill Country. I am counting on that warmth and sun so it better not be one of those fluky cool weeks of early spring in Texas. I want sun and bluebonnets.

The sweatshirt dress trend this last fall/winter seemed right up my alley, and this dress has gotten a lot of wear. It's as serviceable as Marilla Cuthbert would like, but I can dress it up with lacy tights and boots and red lipstick.

Speaking of red lipstick, I just bought this lipstick, and it's a pretty big leap for me. I went up the make-up counter, announced I wanted a red lipstick that complemented my skin tone, and this is what the lady provided. I was pretty sure I would hate it until I saw it on, but I kinda like it. Still takes some guts to wear lipstick this bright, though.

I am excited about my hair today because I got just the right amount of poof behind my headband. Creating this poofiness is not easy for me, and I think it helps keep my headband on. I seem to have an unusually shaped head because stiff headbands hurt like the dickens, and stretchy ones just slide right off (as this one seems to be doing now that I investigate the picture more fully). Yet, I like headbands so I keep trying.

I'm linking up with Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Mondays (the lipstick, not so much the grey) and Monday Mingle over on Mom Trends. Do any of you viewers want to teach me how to do a photo collage for my blog?


  1. So Visible, and pretty in your red lipstick and classic dress! Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday : >

  2. Grey is always a favorite of mine! And I LOVE your blog name! My four year old is The Dude. :)

  3. A little jewelry, some lipstick and some patterned hosiery and you are in business with the gray. Neutrals are so often a canvas to support another element ... in this case, the dress would be very dull without your styling and your very pretty smile!

  4. I am surprised by how much I like this lipstick, but it really is a great accessory. You look great! I agree with the comments--you dressed up a simple look up with different kinds of fun accessories. Now if I could just feel comfortable in a dress...


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