Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

The kids and I have been visiting Texas for Spring Break, and we have had a marvelous time. Granted, the weather has not be fabulous and my mother and I battled nasty colds mid-week, but still...

So I'm breaking vacation blog silence today to link up with Grace over at Camp Patton for her Show Us Your Easter Dress link-up. My parents' congregation may be sick of seeing me wear the same dress every time I show up, but I'm not sick of it, and you've never seen it before.

Nice socks, huh?
I was the only one willing to cooperate for photos. Leo was still exhausted from the large family Easter party yesterday, and Maggie was clearly exercising her passive-aggressive tendencies. Oh well. Someday I will look at these photos and think how charming my children were.

I feel like I look more like my maternal grandmother in every picture I take.
And here's one of my mother with the kids. Please check out her oh, so fabulous shoes. My mother is NOT a hoarder, but she has saved these shoes since 1968, and I have never seen her wear them. She busted them out today with her Easter outfit after my niece and I gave her a hard time for keeping them boxed up. I covet those shoes. Even on Easter.

And, since I included my mother, here's one of my father in his Easter dress, or choir robe.

And one more of the three of us, sleepiness and passive-aggressiveness still in full effect even after toys and crafts in the nursery.

Taking pictures is such a pain.
And a final one because everyone needs to see a picture of a four-year-old singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to the Easter lilies.



  1. Oh I love this post. ESP your moms shoes!!

  2. That last picture — what a ham!

    I also see a lot of your mother in you. Same smile. Love your dress, and her shoes are kick-butt!

  3. Love the Maggie picture, you look gorgeous, fun to see our parents, missed sitting by you in church and singing hymns and pointing out funny lines, and those shoes fit me, but they are too big for you!!

  4. LOOK at those smiles!! I love it. Happy, Happy Easter you and your sweet family. You look beautiful.
    P.S. Your mother shoes are to die for!!

  5. I love your dress. And your kids are adorable. But mostly I love your mention of your father in 'his Easter dress'! Makes me wish I'd gotten a photo of my husband, a church organist, in 'his Easter dress' as well... so funny. :)

  6. Cannot get enough of those SMILES! Happy Easter! Keep spreading the joy :)

  7. your mom is the coolest! those shoes! and you look absolutely lovely in that dress. i'd keep wearing it as well.


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