Friday, March 1, 2013

How We Wear It: The Basic V-Neck

I am so excited about ANMJ's new series, How We Wear It! I am linking up today in my one V-neck sweater.

When I first learned to dress myself, my mother disappointed me by telling me red and pink clash. But now that I'm grown up, I love wearing them together.

On the other hand, I HATE layering (which I know puts me in quite the minority). So I'm really stretching to have two shirts on at the same time. At least I have my sleeves rolled up so I don't feel too constrained.

Who else feels extremely awkward taking outfit photos? I am going to have to work on my poses and how to tip my chin to avoid the dreaded double.

Now head over to Ain't No Mom Jeans for more outfit posts!


  1. Love this, Sarah!! The rolled sleeves with the bright red pop is genius. I will be copying SOON. xoxo

  2. Woohoo! Love the pink with the pop of red. Lovely! Thanks for linking up with us!:) Cheers.

  3. The dreaded double! (I though I was sticking it out) Much like the dreaded sevens! And I also hate outfit posing, but I think you do a good job here. I am impressed with you for layering in spite of your clothes claustrophobia. Readers like me need to see these fashion tips, not just read about them, so thank you. And what kind of jeans are those? I like the way they fit.


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