Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lest I Forget: Just a Little Attitude

I hardly expect these posts to be interesting to wide audience range, but I think family members will appreciate them. I've done a pretty terrible job of keeping records of all the cute things Maggie has said and done so I'm going to make this blog a receptacle for them. And this way, grandparents can stay up to date, too!

An oldie but goodie: my pretty girl
Maggie patters on pretty much continuously when we are in the car. She asks for the wipers to be turned on, she points out machinery and other interesting sights (cranes, cement trucks, excavators), she reports on Leo's movements and mood. She must have my validation that I have seen the same sights she has and is disappointed when I miss them. For instance:

Maggie: Mama, big green truck!
Me: Where?
Maggie: There!
Me: Where?
Maggie: There!
Me: I can't tell where you mean.
Maggie: Oh, nevermind (definite tone).

Maggie loves a bowl of cereal, Cheerios (plain) by preference. She has one for breakfast every morning and often the first words out of her mouth in the morning are a request for "cereal with D milk in it." She's a pretty good sport about finishing the milk at the bottom of her bowl (which is essential since it has her powderlax dissolved in it) but does need to be reminded.

Me: Maggie, don't forget to drink your milk.
Maggie: Daddy put in cup.
Me, distractedly: Puts what in a cup?
Maggie: D milk, of course.

Wicked Witch Mama, of course, told her she could very well drink the milk out of the bowl. And I wonder why she's a Daddy's girl.

As much as I sometimes miss the days she just did what I said without question, it is good to see her insist on her own way. "ME DO!!!!!!!!!" is a common statement, always spoken loudly and impatiently.  Lately, she insists on getting off the bus without any help, and then sitting on the walk or steps progressively closer to the front door but at a very slow pace. My presence is not appreciated so I check in on her every few minutes until she is ready to enter the house. I caught this picture of her on the front steps before she told me she was ready to come in.

Stubborn little monkey

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