Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowquester: A Bust; First Birthday: A Hit

What a disappointment! We were promised by Capital Weather Gang to get a good eight inches of snow, and what did we get? A measly inch that melted when the snow turned to rain!

We stayed busy in the morning baking cupcakes. I was fortunate enough to have my faithful kitchen assistant at the ready to help pour in ingredients and taste the batter.

"Me hniff." Or, taste?

Her song today?
"Old McDonald had some milk/eggs/sugar, E-I-E-I-O!" 

Maggie was also an extremely helpful present-unwrapping-assistant. She's such a giver.

By the time Maggie and I headed out for our outdoor adventure, the snow was practically gone. We made the most of our bundles by making footprints in whatever leftover snow we could find and splashing in puddles.

And, delight of delights, we found a worm lounging on the sidewalk!

The greatest success of the day was Leo's reaction to his birthday cupcake. A hit!

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  1. aww how fun! we missed out on that one down here in NC...cheers.


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