Sunday, March 3, 2013


One of the benefits of being married to The Dude is that he loves to plan a surprise. For instance, for my birthday he planned an afternoon of fun for me and a friend (including an Anthropologie gift card) while he and the other dad took care of the four children.

This weekend, he arranged for my mother to visit! My children's birthdays are next week so she officially came to celebrate their early birthdays, but my husband knows how much I miss my mama.

We had a grand, busy time. We took in the Holocaust Museum (because that's so appropriate for small children) and visited a couple of parks in spite of the miserably cold weather. It's amazing how small children don't seem to mind intense heat or cold.

We also had fun indoors playing with the kids and watching reruns of Downton Abbey. (Mama and I are in withdrawal.) My mother got to watch the kids unwrap their birthday gifts, and they were a hit. My son LOVES balls so he got some new ones, and my daughter has played with her new AquaDoodle for several hours today.

All in all, a great weekend, and it wasn't even that hard to say goodbye because we're traveling to Texas in three weeks to see my parents.

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  1. lovely! That sounds fun...and relaxing :).



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