Friday, March 15, 2013

What I Wore: To See a Play

Readers, you know I'm a SAHM and that we live in the uber-expensive DC area. Ergo, we don't go out much. The Dude's always on the lookout for dollar beer places, but other than that, our paid excitement is minimal.

So you can imagine I was pretty excited to be offered my father-in-law's ticket to see the critically-acclaimed play Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (read the Washington Post review here). I didn't love the play, but I liked it a lot, and it gets high marks for creativity. The ten actors portray the gods and mortals in seven Roman myths (mostly from Ovid's Metamorphoses), but what made this play especially interesting is that the entire performance occurs in and around a pool of water (the seats surround the pool, as well). For instance, prep school brat Phaeton confesses his daddy issues and misdeeds to his therapist as he floats on a raft in the pool; Orpheus and Eurydice attempt to exit Hades by circling the pool on a boardwalk (this was my favorite interpretation). All the actors got solidly wet at some point or another, as did some of the audience members on the first rows!

It seemed like as good a time as any to snap some outfit pics since I don't have the opportunity to dress up all that much. I wore my thrifted Stella McCartney dress, which makes me sound like an experienced and successful thrifter, which I am most certainly not. But I did find this dress in a thrift store on one of my very few thrift outings and bought it even though it is too big for me. It's seen me through a pregnancy and two postpartum periods, and I just belt it to give me a bit of a figure. I like the off-center buttons and roomy pockets. 

Bare legs ended up being an enormous mistake, but I was just so eager for spring that day, I couldn't stand to put any on. Sometimes I think I can will the season on in with my wardrobe choices.

I also made an effort with my hair. My hair isn't that long or that thick, and I have lots of layers that can make updos tricky. This was my attempt at this hairdo. It didn't turn out looking much like the model because my hair is quite a bit shorter, and I decided to tuck the ends under. But I kind of like how it did turn out, and starting high up on my head helped keep the short pieces from hanging in my eyes. You don't need one of those tools that she has; I just parted my hair and flipped the ponytail through.

This picture is for Beth. Kinda nice together, huh?

We really need a photographer with some talent in this family. This is me trying to direct The Dude on how to hold the camera. He said, "You have to post this one! Call it your Eva Braun photo."


  1. you look amazing! I love that dress with the belt and boots. awesome.

    I know what you mean about DC being pricey. I don't know how I ever afforded walking out the door there...haha.

  2. Yay for the purse I got you (that you picked out)! I LOVE your hair! I love the dress and look too, and I think your posing has improved :). You look more comfortable, and I like to see Leo in the background.

  3. SARAH, you have become such the fashionista and your hair is most impressive!


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