Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break Highlights

THE SUN! How I had missed you, sunlight! We had an abnormal number of overcast days and even some rain, but we soaked up the sun (with Sheryl Crow) when we could.
rocks to through in the river
the plasma car

My greatest pleasure when we visit Texas is seeing my children play with the family they don't get to see frequently. Maggie is beginning to play with cousins more and more, and it warms my heart.
bonding over electronics
off on an adventure
A new fashion
These two were the babies when I was a teenager!

And, of course, Easter activities:
and hunting

On this trip, Leo fell in love with Mr. Minky:
nap buddies

And Maggie and I indulged in a favorite practice:
nothing so comforting as a napkin on one's head

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