Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wore: To a House Closing

Homeowners again! It's been a long, dependent spell, but I am thrilled to report our little family has a home of its own again.

The new homeowners squint.
The Dude moved to Maryland in August for his job, and the rest of us followed in November after our house closed in North Carolina. So we've been presuming on the generosity of my in-laws for nearly five months now. Let's just say everyone is ready for us to have our own place. 

I'm also using this post as a link-up with Ain't No Mom Jeans and life in mod. for their How We Wear It Campaign. This time it's the Ladylike Cardigan.

Now I like a cardigan. I prefer it to blazer because I cardigan leaves more room for movement. My favorite way to wear one is with a belt, though. As the days of breastfeeding wear along, I find I need a little structure to give my body shape. I'm a little disappointed I didn't have the cardigan a little tighter tucked, but I have yet to install a good mirror in this new place so these photos will have to do.

I expect this new house to provide all sorts of blog fodder so come back for doses of moving complaints and organizational tips. Move in day is Friday!

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