Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Spring Walk

The weather has been strange this spring: beautiful and warm for a week, and then we're back in sweaters and jeans. After two days of rain, Maggie and I were eager to spend a little time outdoors so she dressed for splashing, and we went out hunting puddles.

Our new neighborhood is teeming in azaleas and, boy, are they lovely.

always disappointed in the lack of smell
This face

"Mama, me jump like kangaroo!"

Of course, we found a worm. I don't know if it's the bug study at school or what, but Maggie is not at all squeamish when it comes to worms. I love it!

Returning the worm to its natural habitat. Though I think it might not have survived Maggie's tight pinch.


  1. awww how nice! that looks exactly like my parent's neighborhood....



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