Monday, May 13, 2013

Unpaid IKEA Ad

If there is one thing I can do well ("I flatter myself..."), it is make the most of the space given. This skill has come in handy in many a tiny closet or classroom, and now in this new house, the kitchen.

"Ancient" is hardly an overstatement to describe the stove. And the appliance repairman  (one burner is already out) didn't even recognize the brand name.

We really love this new house. I appreciate it more and more the longer we live in it, but the kitchen...the kitchen is plain miserable. Why anyone would build a kitchen this tiny is beyond me. The only advantages are the cabinets that reach the ceiling and how quickly you can clean the floor.

I have worked hard to make this kitchen manageable. We only found one refrigerator that fit the space (that is, one under $1500). And I have fallen in love with IKEA storage solutions. Previous to living here in the DC area, I had never set foot in an IKEA. And, I can't say I love what it has to offer as much as I was led to believe I would. Except for the storage solutions.

My very favorite item is the Bygel rail. You can buy all sorts of storage items to hang from it with S hooks like the wire basket or the cutlery caddy. Not one of these items exceeds $3.99. As you can see from the photos above, I have made great use of the aforementioned items. And here's a handy-dandy photo collage (I learned!) for more detail. My goal was to get as much off the limited counter space as possible.

One functioning drawer in the kitchen means lots of cutlery caddies.

I might as well add the following photos to this unpaid advertisement for IKEA. I also used the Bygel rail in my closet (which, ironically, is quite roomy) to hold necklaces and belts. Before you roll your eyes as my astonishing collection of belts, take a minute to admire how I repurposed my old shower curtain rings, and how the belts are grouped by color. I get immense pleasure from this end result.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am admiring away! Most impressive!

  2. Wow, you are making it work. Nice. Ikea has awesome stuff for making small spaces work. :) Love how you did the belts!! Cheers, Sarah.

  3. Great ikea finds, Sarah! I want ALL of those!


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