Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last Weekend

Tuesday night is a little late to post about last weekend, but what a weekend it was!

We kicked it off Friday afternoon with a playdate with one of Maggie's classmates at the Flower Mart at the National Cathedral. I love nearly everything about an outdoor festival. I love festival food, I love craft booths, and I can even tolerate the crowds for a little while. In spite of the variety of shows and rides available, Maggie and her friend were most interested in hanging out in the Bishops Garden, which was indeed lovely. Maggie mostly wanted to sniff flowers, and Grant wanted to watch the goldfish.

In the Bishops Garden at the National Cathedral

Because we were in the city, Brian joined us! That was a treat for Maggie but a bit of a distraction from the playdate. I managed to restrain myself from buying a funnel cake and contented myself with a pulled pork sandwich. The kids demolished two hotdogs, and we headed home.

The next morning I cajoled Brian into coming to our local farmers' market with the kids and me. It was tiny and made me homesick for Asheville and its plethora of local food options, but it did offer rhubarb so I bought a pound or so for pie. I also bought some radishes, and the vendors were quite impressed that Maggie considered these a treat.

I did have to pay to have it installed. Does anyone do this him/herself? Can I learn?
Yard sales were in full swing in our neighborhood on Saturday, and I scored several bargains: a new chandelier ($25) for the dining room (I hated the old one and it turns out we have a dimmer),

 a pair of nesting tables ($8) that I've separated into a end table and a table for the alcove in our bedroom,

and a child-sized table with two chairs (not picture unfortunately, but $10). I plan to to paint them and put them in the office/craft room. Not a bad haul, huh?

A local nursery school was sponsoring a "truck touch" Saturday so Maggie and I left Leo napping and Brian working and headed out to get friendly with some large vehicles. The event was a total hit, and I plan to keep my ears open for such events in the future. What a perfect event for small children who are so intrigued by these vehicles but are never allowed to climb in them!
in the bulldozer

honking the horn in the UPS truck

wearing a fireman's overalls and boots

Family from Boston was in town, and we had lunch with them on Saturday and brunch with them on Monday. We also attended our next door neighbors' labor party (one is a labor lawyer and one works for the Teamsters). They also have a four-year-old daughter, and within a few minutes' of our arrival, she and Maggie had disappeared off to her room and shut the door. When did that happen? I love the independence!

I brought the rhubarb pie, and it was a hit! I enjoy cooking to an extent and baking quite a lot, but there's nothing more satisfying than having an appreciative audience. One man had told his wife on the way to the party how disappointed he was that no one made pure rhubarb pies anymore. And then I had brought one! I wish I had taken a picture of it, but sadly, no. It was a pretty pie.

Our weekends are hardly ever so jampacked with fun and adventure, but this was a great one to link-up at Atelier, albeit late.


  1. Thanks for linking up, Sarah! Wow, what a weekend! My son would have loved Touch a Truck.

  2. We love touching trucks too!! I love Maggie in the overall--so cute. And she is back to posing for pictures? I can't get any from Charlie these days. I love Maggie's independence and am jealous of all your bargains! I'm sure I would have loved the pie too.

  3. Stopping by from Atelier. What a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the comment!


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