Friday, May 3, 2013

Lest I Forget: Maggie's Vocabulary

Maggie and her "microwave."
I may be especially enamored of Maggie's mispronunciations and vocabulary trial-and-error because she was late to talk. But then again, all mothers may be this crazy about their kids.

The archway over open French doors is an "overpass."

"Very" is "davy." Leo's diapers are "davy, davy stinky." Maggie wants a zipperumpazoo of her "davy own."

Pointing to the insole inside her shoe: "Mommy, bubble in it." (Arch support)

This girl doesn't get candy often!

Maggie: (shoveling jellybeans into her mouth at lightning speed)
Me: Which color is your favorite?
Maggie: (silence)
Me: Do you like one color best?
Maggie: (long pause) Mama, me just eatin' 'em.

When she was telling her daddy about her Easter egg hunting experience, she told him the eggs were filled with walnuts and pinos (tomatoes). Hmmm.

"Mama, me suitcase on."

Stethoscope, maybe?

With her "coppin shart."

And, finally, Maggie loves berries. Especially "boobabies" and "black boobabies."

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  1. Others that the Dude likes:

    Miss Blah-blah (Miss Barbara)
    lappy (library)
    "Blood coming out" (Maggie, randomly speaking in a deep, zombie-like voice after having her blood drawn)
    Jingle blells
    Pointing out the "hop" fireplace on every page of Goodnight Moon when she was younger
    Bina (Grandma)
    Pino (tomato)
    Only Daddy pass big trucks.
    And lest we forget, the hilariously obscene way she says 'fork,' 'truck,' and 'clock.'

    Something I don't want to forget is how tonight Leo laughed and laughed as we sung the Jackson 5 song "ABC" and waved our hands together.

    Great post babe.


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