Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Trying a new link-up today. I like this one because it's so open. The host blog, Like Mother, Like Daughter (great name, huh?), uses this theme to "capture the contentment of everyday life." Each participant posts a picture (or pictures) to represent each of the four adjectives in the title. So here goes:


Happy Mother's Day to me a few days early! I ran across a display of air plants at the mall after making some Target returns (it turns out the zipper on Maggie's raincoat wasn't broken after all), and decided these were exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day. And there was no real point in sending Brian when I could just purchase them myself and pick out the very ones I wanted. I hung them in the dining room windows today, and I am oh, so delighted.

 Of course, I promptly forgot the names of the plants, but they both flower and then produce babies, which just increases their bulk (unless I pinch them off to make new balls). They need to be misted a few times a week or taken down and dunked (soaked in this one's case) in a sink full of water. Low maintenance and frighteningly pretty!

And a bonus pretty is this necklace I received from Maggie today!


Poor Leo's been on the receiving end of some serious blog neglect lately. I always say Leo was born happy, and he is an extremely good-natured fella, but teething is teething, and Leo's had it bad. A few nights ago I discovered two upper bicuspids way back in his mouth that he cut when he only had his four front teeth. Leo says, "Bring on the steak!"
A little Daddy love this morning. Brian is actually wearing shorts.

Leo is loving this walker these days. It's kind of difficult to use indoors since it's pretty heavy and has to be steered around furniture. I finally had the idea to bring it outside this morning where he can practice walking on sidewalks. He had a ball but found his shoes kind of hard to adjust to.


What are handcuffs?

This one was taken in the police car at the truck touch. I guess they do look like glasses.

By Brian Doyle, the editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland in Oregon
Love, love, love this poem. I clipped it from the literary magazine The Sun that we subscribe to. I like a lot of the literature in The Sun, but this is only item I've ever clipped. I used to keep it on my bulletin board in my classroom, but now it's on my bulletin board in our home office/craft room. My family has gone through some pretty rough stuff in the last three years, and though a poem can only do so much, I feel it exudes a tone of peace that has been helpful at times. I also am extremely comforted by this evidence that everyone has their "mountains beyond mountains." We're all trying to find the beautiful in the struggle.

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  1. Hello! Visiting from LMLD... That looks like a great walker. Where did you get it? How old is your son? I have a 13 month old who is almost ready to walk. He tries to push all the furniture around the house!


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