Friday, June 28, 2013

Hand Pies and Long Shorts

Back when my dad visited us a few weeks ago, I made rhubarb cream cheese hand pies with my weekly stock of rhubarb. (Not sick of it yet.) They were a hit! If you're not much in to pastry, they're not for you because they're mostly crust. But if you're my sister or my dad, in particular, these little treats are the kind of dessert you love. I like to make my sister a similar apple version for special events, but sadly, not for her birthday this year.

Anyway, these were truly delightful with a nice lemon kick from the cream cheese mixture and a little bit of orange from the zest in the pastry. And, the rhubarb, of course. I highly recommend them, and I did not deviate from smitten kitchen's recipe righ' chere.

These pics are back from mid-June and show a little of the process:
You make your pastry and fillings (at the back of the counter), roll out the pastry,  cut it into squares, and add the fillings.

Make your hand pies and seal with your fingers.

Back them at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes!

We're in Texas now, and my parents were having a little dinner party, and my mother asked me to make these hand pies. Rhubarb's long gone around here, but I found some lovely plums at my beloved HEB. The plums had much more liquid so I had to simmer them longer to get the fruit mixture thick enough. But they don't need nearly the sugar rhubarb does. Maybe a tablespoon? The substitution turned out beautifully! A little tart, almost cranberriesh.

Didn't they turn out cute?

And for the dinner party, I killed two blog birds with one stone by wearing my long shorts (the only style of shorts I wear) in order to link up with Shana and Camille.

I am oh, so pleased with this outfit since I haven't fit into these shorts since Spring 2011, and I've never worn the shirt since I bought it right before I discovered I was pregnant with my second. Before I even knew what the word peplum meant. And the shoes cost less than $3 from a tiny thrift store in suburban DC! (Less than $3 because it turns out they only took cash, and I had very little on me. The man at the check-out told me he'd take what I had because he was certain I'd be back. Yes, I think so!)

So very, very boy. Leo would play ball all day long.

And this Cozy Coupe is pretty great, too.

Linked up at Ain't No Mom Jeans and Life in Mod.

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  1. You look FAB, Amy :). I was hoping I'd run into you in Bethesda ;), but as per usual with hometown trips...time zoooooms by. Next time we should plan for it! x.


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