Monday, June 10, 2013


Wow, wow, wow! The productivity gods have been smiling upon me of late! And, let me say, I deserve it because they all but deserted me when we moved in to this house in April.

Last Wednesday, I decided it was time to paint our dining room. It was a pale gray, just about the last color I would choose to paint a room. In my opinion neutrals for walls are OK so long as they're deep. Better yet, a vivid color. Again, the "more is more" theory of decorating. I see the appeal of going pale so you can have color in your furnishings, but I wonder, "Why not go with color in both?"

So, I searched long and hard to find the right shade of green to match our plates. Then with two long naps the first day, and a little help from Olivia the second, I knocked that room out. The color turned out a little blah (I would call it 'olive'), but I like the contrast with the woodwork, and I can always repaint.

Exhibit A: Sarah loves color.

Then, The Dude took our daughter to Asheville, NC, our former home city, to see old friends and collect Rodney the No-Name Snake from his sitters (I feel he deserves a story himself, but poor Rodney, I detest him.) So, I figured with only one kidlet who naps long and goes to bed early, "Why not keep painting?"

My daughter long ago selected a shade of purple for her room, and I chose a nice dark blue for our son's. Lo and behold, I got those two rooms done on Saturday and Sunday during naptime and after bedtime! May I highly recommend Emerald paint from Sherwin-Willians? What coverage!

Of course, the experience did leave me looking like this:
Old faithful painting clothes. I can button the shorts again, though!

And the rooms look great!
Not much of a purple person, actually, but my daughter LOVES it! Her response the the picture I sent was, "It is davy beautiful."

Took a risk going this dark, but I LOVE it! I plan to paint the dresser orange. How about that for bold?

In case you're wondering, those alphabet posters were designed and created by my parents in the late 60s when my mother was a kindergarten teacher. How fabulous are they? Especially this one:
Sorry about the glare. I laminated them years ago when I hung them in a classroom.

And, then on Sunday, since the medicine cabinet in our upstairs bathroom suddenly fell off the wall this week,
One of the former owners of our home fancied himself a do-it-yourselfer. It was an illusion.
I thought, why not tackle that bathroom while it's easier to paint and I'm on a roll?
Just a first coat, though, and yes, I really need to clean up that paint drip on the toilet.

So, in other words, I'm pretty impressed with myself and ready to take a painting break. And I need to pumice my arms and legs to get all this paint off. While I feel we usually can go an entire weekend with no unexpected guests, we had about four strangers show up at our door this weekend. One of them asked about my "war paint." It was a little awkward but worth it. This house is becoming a home!

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