Sunday, June 16, 2013

Papa's Visit (and Happy Father's Day!)

We were delighted to host our third house guest, my dad, this week, since he had a conference to attend in DC.

Conceived and designed by Miss M

With his business in the city, we didn't have many adventures, but we did venture down to the creek at the end of our street one afternoon. I hadn't yet taken the kids so it was fun to show it to all three of them.

"Now, this is a big rock!"

Really, there's not much more fun that throwing rocks into a body of water.

Dad sports the Ergo.

So stylish.

AND, he bought us these:

Thanks so much! We sampled the MM Saturday night.

One of the pluses of our neighborhood (aside from the annual block party above) is that there are tons of kids who always seem to be outside playing in each others' yards (including ours). When my dad visited, he wanted to know the names of the children as they walked by, and then he would call out to each by name, leaving them confused as to who that white-bearded man on our porch was. It reminded me of how he would sing silly songs to my high school friends when he answered the phone when they called. At that age, it was so embarrassing, but in memory I find it funny and a little charming.

Happy Father's Day, Old Dad! See you soon!

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  1. a little charming :). How about when he answered the door in his towel when my girl scout troop came caroling? I like how I can recognize his post work outfit (undershirt, shorts, work sock and shoes). Good old Dad!!


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