Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is safe?!?!?!

A few weeks ago, my mother sent me a list of the twenty fuits and vegetables that test highest in pesticides and the twenty that test lowest. The article also shared the negative effects of pesticide intake, which I mostly knew, but was horrified to read all together. I had been trying to save money by shopping mostly at Costco, but I resolved to do more shopping at stores that sell organic produce.

Then, my sister recommended a sunscreen (Babyganix) whose name turned out to be huge lie. Fortunately, she then discovered Safe Mama's Suncreen Cheat Sheet, which reviews various baby and child products and recommends the safe ones. The problem? Most of them have to be ordered online, and all of them are, of course, far more expensive than your Neutrogena (aren't they supposed to be good?) and certainly, your Banana Boat or Coppertone.

Then, my cousin emailed that she discovered Johnson & Johnson puts all kinds of nasty stuff in their baby products so, once again, I consulted Safe Mama. Yep, good recommendations, all pricey, most available online. Out went the J & J baby wash, and in came Burt's Bees, which only gets on OK rating, but is at least available at Target.

It makes me so angry that these companies don't care about the poisons they carelessly sell to the public, especially for children! Where is Erin Brokovich when you need her?

Sometimes I think the products may not be that bad, and I'm probably being an overanxious mother. But isn't it my job to keep my children as safe as possible? And isn't that worth the extra money? So I buy the stuff that's supposed to be safe (in addition to the above mentioned, I have bought safe bug repellent, and safe diaper cream--both Burt's Bees, so easy to find)
I have limited myself to those products, though. I am drawing the line before I go nuts with safe wipes, safe laundry and dish detergent, and safe backpacks. But should I? I'm sure if I started reading about them, I'd feel the need to get them for my babies.

Any thoughts on this from the blogosphere? What do you use with your babies?

And P.S., did you know most aluminum cans are lined with BPA?!?!? See this list for the ones that aren't.

And, P.P.S., I couldn't help myself. I checked the backpack list and was relieved to see Land's End makes good ones.

Oh, and P.P.P.S: used some Costco (Kirkland) organic canned tomatoes last night, and did not see the tell-tale plastic liner so I googled--Kirkland's BPA free (at least the tomato products).

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