Sunday, August 11, 2013

All About Maggie Weekend

I did not mean for my boy to get the short end of the photography stick this weekend, but so it goes. Anyone checking out my weekend pics would think we had only one child. Poor neglected boy.

And so, Maggie's weekend adventures:

Adventure One: Left unattended, Maggie puts on some "lip balm." It may or may not have been red Do-A-Dot marker. Does not she look gorgeous?

By the way, Brian was quite taken aback when Maggie first asked to wear make-up. He was genuinely surprised how quickly she fell into that stereotype and, I think, he momentarily considered dispelling her hopes for another decade or two (if he could). But I don't mind. I wanted to wear make-up as a little girl, and Maggie watches me apply make-up. So I pretend to put a little on her from time to time and let her wear lip balm whenever she wants. I read this article just this afternoon, and I felt it captured how I feel about the girly-girl issue.
Adventure Two: picnic with friends. And Maggie finally got to wear her new baby carrier! And...

May I mention that I made that baby carrier? It was a major undertaking since the feed system on my sewing machine went caput soon after starting, but I didn't figure this out for awhile, and (according to the repair guy) nearly damaged the shuttle. I wish I knew what this meant.

Anyhow, I loosely followed this tutorial I found on pinterest. You have to free draw that "fish" shape, and I think I'd make mine with less "tail" another time. But I also made the straps way longer and added buttons and buttons holes (another use for those thousands of buttons) on either end of the straps. If we do need to adjust it, I'll have to move the button that holds the top up, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (as Caroline Ingalls was wont to say).

Did you want to see more pictures of the baby carrier? I thought so.

Adenture Three: Storytime at the nature center. I have nothing but praise for this event and the setting. This was our first trip to the nature center, and it is beautifully created. A lovely space and highly welcoming to children, indoors and out. The storytime lady clearly knew how to give children space to develop within necessary boundaries and was encouraging to each in appropriate ways. A highlight of the experience was the monarch caterpillars we got to observe on the milkweed plants. Maggie and I also had a great time playing in the playground (all natural materials) after the book and nature hike.

Jumping stump to stump

Just pretend to eat it, Mama

Another great weekend with my girl! Maybe we'll let Leo join the shenanigans next week!


  1. Love the baby carrier, Sarah! And, sometimes I think that if people just saw my instagram they would think I only have my youngest...

  2. Really cute carrier! I am impressed that you made it yourself :D My toddler likes to wrap my moby around himself and "carry" his stuffed animals. He also likes to "nurse" his animals...but two is probably a little too young for a basic anatomy lesson, huh? :)


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