Thursday, August 8, 2013


I am the proud owner of a 25-30 year old Bernina sewing machine. It's a really good machine, and a friend of mine gave it to me when she wanted to upgrade several years ago. Every time I bring it in for maintenance, I am told how lucky I am to have such a great machine.

Anyhow, I've used it off and on for various non-wearable sewing projects and minor mending, but I really want to use it to alter clothing. I hate paying for alterations, but I do not feel at all confident adjusting fit by myself.

Enter this green skirt:

I bought it at a thrift store because I liked the color and the detail. I did not like the length. At a shorter length, I figured it could be a great summer mom skirt: easy to toss on with a top but still cute.

And I figured that would be a pretty easy alteration project for starters.


I simply cut off the drawstring top and put in an elastic waist. In spite of the trial and error that an accomplished sewist (seamstress is so outdated, and sewer really doesn't work) could have avoided, I would still say it was a pretty easy project. And I even took in the sides a bit.

It's still pretty shapeless, though, so I thought adding a belt might help.

This is me attempting photos with the self-timer.

All in all, I call my first alteration attempt a success!

Now on to something more complex.


  1. Yes, let's see something more complex. Something red with flowers.

  2. Love the new length. It's so flattering. Wish I knew how to sew!

  3. It looks super cute!! I love making something old new again. I've actually been thinking about getting myself a sewing machine...


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