Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Favorites August 28, 2013

Joining everyone at Moxie Wife for Five Favorites for the first time this week!

1. Hello, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to Ruzzle. Have you played this game? It's Boggle on steroids, and I've been on the Words With Friends bandwagon, but the truth is...that game takes too much strategizing. I find strategizing boring. I like fast, fast, fast, and Ruzzle is it. Each game consists of three rounds, and you and the person you are playing (friend, stranger, whatever) see the same three boards even if you play at different times. You make words by swiping over the letters with a finger. But wait! There's more! Some of the letters are marked double letter, triple letter, double word, or triple word. My highest word score so far was 200-something (braggart). So, download Ruzzle (for free) today! And then play me; I need more Ruzzle partners to play with while my children scrounge for crumbs in the kitchen.

2. This weather. Grace, I share a little of your concern about the seasons changing a bit too quickly. How can we truly appreciate cool weather in the fall if we haven't gotten good and hot in the summer? But then I remember how much I hate to sweat. And how much more pleasant it is to take the kids to the park when you don't have to sweat.

3. This magazine:
And more specifically, this activity page in this month's issue:
I don't know if you can tell, but the activity is to find five animals out of place, and I have hardly ever seen Maggie so delighted. "Just look at that sizzy (silly) octopus! He should not be out of the water! (...excitement growing...) Look at that turtle flying and that rhinoceros in the tree! (...greater excitement...) And that giraffe in the water and the panda on the rock! That is not right! (...excitement can no longer be contained...) And just look at that sizzy octopus!" The girl has shown this picture to every single human who has walked in our door in the last week, and we've had quite a few visitors. Utterly charming.

4. And this interview, which I have already shared this week:
But I'm not over my Joss Whedon appreciation yet.

5. Breck's. Do you get as many emails from them as I do? Clearly, they mean business now that it's approaching spring bulb planting time. I passed up their orange tulip giveaway and now I'm passing up their pink iris giveaway, but sometime before September 6 (when a big sale ends) I'm going to take advantage of one of their giveaways and purchase some spring bulbs at a great price. Because there is nothing like crocuses and daffodils to cheer you up in February and March when everything is gray, cold, wet, and gloomy.

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