Monday, August 19, 2013

Four Under Four Weekend

I read several blogs originating in households with at least four under four. Not that I did not respect these parents before, but I have a new understanding of just how much commotion that can create.

We had cousins in town for the weekend, and though chaos was common, we had a fabulous time. It's so fun to have cousins pretty close in age who at least tolerate each other most of the time.

My nephew is on a princess kick and prefers to dress in feminine clothing and be called Rapunzel. We all got princess names (I was Cinderella), but Maggie was not OK with this. She got teary insisting she was "just a girl" every time my nephew told her she was "White Snow."

Our best adventures were outdoors, even if that meant playing in the rain or getting soaked in the creek (as you will see). This post is dedicated to the grandparents, who I know wish they could have been here too.

Believe it or not, Leo is seven months older.

Rapunzel and Uncle Brian play basketball.

Rainy adventures

A good team, though damp

A hike in the woods
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  1. Wish we could have been there! Someday we will actually go on a massive four-family vacation, I am determined. Maybe when they are a bit older though. :)

  2. Hi! Stopping by from Atelier, one week late. ;-) Sometimes I get a "peek into the life" of four under four (or five under five, or six under seven) when we have other kids over for a playdate. Whew! Something else, isn't it?


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