Monday, September 16, 2013

Dog Hair and Polka-Dots Weekend

After a weekend of runny noses, skipped naps, and whininess, Brian and I were counting down the hours until we could put our kids to bed last night. Which, for the record, was 5:30, and they slept right through.

Up or down? Make up your mind!

Super excited about the bubbles.
But we did have one shiny, bright spot to the weekend in the form of free furniture! Brian's aunt and uncle are downsizing and were giving away a ton of furniture. Thank you very much! We scored a chair and ottoman, a coffee table, an end table, and a cabinet.

I spent a good part of Sunday afternoon de-beagling the furniture of traces of their dog, cursing and sneezing as I vacuumed up dog hair and scrubbed (chiseled) off God knows what else. After three hot load washes, the cushion covers are still not dog hair free. Blech. A pet lover, I am not.

But a gift-horse-looker-in-the-mouth, I am also not, because this was free furniture, and the old cover gives me an excuse for a new P-R-O-J-E-C-T, which everyone who knows me, knows I love. I will now doubt post about it.

This weekend and its cool weather also gave me the opportunity to jump on the patterned jeans bandwagon, and I have reserved my seat until next spring, at least. I was kind of meh about the whole trend before, but then these polka-dot jeans were on clearance at Target, I needed new jeans, etc., etc., etc. Now, after three days in them, I've decided I love patterned jeans.

This was my moving furniture outfit with a Tshirt and my beloved Chucks. I added the scarf to take the things up a notch, but I don't know that it did, being tied so oddly in these photos. If only scarves stayed as perfectly styled as when you first put them on (especially when playing with kids).

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  1. Triple score! The polka-dot jeans (am insanely jealous), the free furniture, and a new project for you :) Can I add coordinating Halloween costumes for my 3 girls to your project list? I'd pay for materials and shipping!!!

  2. Thanks for linking up, Sarah! Insanely jealous that you got your kiddos to bed by 530!


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