Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Favorites: My House

We moved to the DC area in November 2012. The plan was to stay with my in-laws for a month or so while we house hunted. Well, we moved in to our new house in April 2013. It took a bit longer than anticipated.

Just a couple of evenings ago, Brian said, "How did you know to wait for the right house?" Of course I answered something along the lines of me being always right, etc., etc., etc. (Because I am.) But it is true that this house (and this neighborhood) were worth the wait. Granted, our kitchen and dining room suck (there's no other word, sorry). But we love the rest of the house. So, in honor of our little house, five favorites:

1. Our office. Specifically, my work area in our office. It is almost always a mess, but it is my mess, and I know exactly where everything is. Those shelves hold everything worth holding on to to be a language therapist plus all my arts and crafts supplies. See my sewing machine sitting out? I don't have to lug it out of a closet every time I need it! That desk area? All mine. I love this space, and just to make it that much better, it's upstairs on the other side of a gate through which small people cannot pass.

You can even see the ironing board reflected in the TV.

2. TV room. There's a living room for company, and then there's this room for the TV. In the basement where it is cool and dark. And, it's right next to the laundry room. So, it is also my folding and ironing room. TV watching: the only thing that makes folding and ironing of four people's clothing palatable.

Doesn't everyone have a diaper genie in every bathrooom?

3. Master bath, complete now with medicine cabinet. We moved from a house with one bathroom to one with three. No more dancing up and down the hallway! That medicine cabinet (the one with the mirror) was installed incorrectly and fell off the wall back in May. Finally got that sucker up again (with new door) and we once again have light in our bathroom. And, by the way, three cheers to the people at Strasser Woodenworks. Phenomenal customer service!

That's a lot of shoes!

4. My (our) closet. In our old house, I shared a closet with Maggie in her room. Now, I have a walk-in closet. I can get dressed in it. It has its own light. And I get first dibs on space. Brian's suits and trousers? You can find them in the office closet.

That's a painted art project and can of sealer on the newspaper.

5. Porch. It's a garden; it's an art studio; it's a playground; it's a dining room. It may be the most versatile space in (rather, out) side the house.

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  1. I absolutely love your porch and your closet! I'm in northern VA - we bought our place in 2008 and I wish we'd have waited as there are so many things I don't love about it. It's a huge thing when you love your home!

    1. Hey, we're in the same neck of the woods, more or less. House hunting and purchasing is. the. worst. I still breathe a sigh of relief when I realize anew it is behind us. We knew this was the one because it was the first that Brian and I both liked. We'd been "misaligned," as he liked to say, before. :)

  2. These are my favorite parts of your house too--except that I love the quiet guest quarters where a baby can catch a good nap while people are having fun upstairs. Such a great house!!

  3. That's awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying your house. I have a nephew in DC :) We hope to visit some day. Have a great week.


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