Monday, September 30, 2013

Shine On Harvest Moon

This post actually has nothing to do with spooning by moonlight, but the word harvest inevitably brings that song to mind. It's so catchy.

We're harvesting the remains of our container garden around here. I denuded our basil plant a few nights ago to make pesto and this pizza, pronounced by Brian as "the best pizza you've ever made."

I'd post how I made it, but I think all necessary info can be gleaned from this pic.

I also gave up entirely on our disappointing tomato plants and sent them to compost for the winter, leaving us with this bounty. I am determined to make use of each and every one of them. Somehow, some way.

And, then, finally, I took the kids apple picking. Apple picking is such a different experience than berry picking. Instead of laboring in heat, sweat pouring down as you pick, and pick, and pick only to discover you have a whole pint of berries, with apple picking, it's cool and lovely and you pick for about ten minutes to discover you have half a bushel and know you'd better stop because what in the world would a family of four do with a bushel of apples?

My haul

All this to say, let me introduce you to the next several posts in which I attempt to make use of a colander full of green tomatoes and a half bushel of apples. Here's hoping for some good recipes!

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  1. That pizza does look amazing, Sarah! Good luck with the tomatoes, we had only window sill ripened ones last year after they failed to turn red on the vine (we planted too late? not enough sun? all of the above? still don't know!). Thanks for linking up!


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