Thursday, October 10, 2013

Because I had a black marker and a bag of Clementines...

This may be the best Halloween decoration ever. Easy, two materials needed, and you don't have store them year after year (I have a horror of too much stuff).

 Plus, you can constantly change them up.


  1. Amazing!!!


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  3. Trying again, since the initial comment didn't publish right:


    A certain member of your household was almost in tears after being asked to "pick a tangerine for lunch."

    Maggie: "It is an aw-nage, Daddy."
    Dad: "Actually, these are called tangerines."
    Maggie (on the verge of tears): "Mama does not have tangerines, she have aw-nages!"
    Dad (failing as an educator): "Okay, it's an orange. Which one do you want?"
    Maggie: "That one is a happy one. Read me book, please!"

  4. So totally cool! Even I could manage this adorable craft! Thanks :)

    1. Kristi, I did it at the table while my children were eating meals. It's so easy just to do a few every once in a while.

  5. Okay - I love these! Especially the "Jack" and the pig ones. Pinning for sure. (And then probably copying and putting these on our table as a centerpiece!)

    1. Thanks, Tara! I loved this project because it is so temporary. I just had fun with it since I knew they wouldn't last anyway.


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