Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy Busy Weekend

There are people in the world who appreciate (maybe even like?) external demands. I am married to one of these people. Without the structure of a job and all the other groups he joins/events he schedules, Brian would be...well, the Dude (love you, Dude!).

Not me. External expectations of how I must manage my time make me feel stubborn and passive-aggressive. And exhausted. I always have about 500 ideas for what I need to/can do with my time floating around in my head ready for me to pick the one that's most needed/appealing in that moment. But if those ideas get crowded out by other demands on my schedule, I get a little crazy.

First world problems, huh? I know I'm fortunate. I get to stay home with my kids and manage my own time. I usually have enough time to manage a household and have some fun with my kids. Fewer and fewer people get this luxury, and I appreciate it (thank you, thank you, thank you for being the breadwinner, Brian, especially when you have to stay up all night writing reports after a crazy busy weekend).

Our weekend included two overnight guests (at different times), three meals out with family (two with kids, one without), one meal for six hosted at our house, and one play downtown. Mostly an embarrassment of riches. I'm really not wanting to sound ungrateful for my luxuries here. I'd just appreciate them more if they were a tad more spread out...

My mother visited last week and left Saturday morning. We had a grand time with her, per usual. Brian's best friend came over later to carve our pumpkin and play with our kids while I worked on a family dinner, including gingerbread jack-o-lanterns (aren't they cute?). Brian's family joined us for dinner that night, and Jordy stayed over after the sadness of the Red Sox-Cardinals game that evening.

In between times, Maggie and I worked on Halloween cards for family, and I constructed the ears for Maggie and Leo's Halloween costumes. Let's see if I made them well enough...can anyone tell who Maggie and Leo will dress as for Halloween? Hint: they're siblings, but the older sister is the main character, a fictional one.
Love in Afghanistan

Sunday morning was a rush to get everything organized for the sitter before we headed downtown for brunch with Brian's family and then Love in Afghanistan an interesting play with appealing characters that gave me a slightly better understanding of what life might be like on Bagram Air Force Base in Kabul for Afghani translators working for the US. It fit well with a recent This American Life episode on the difficulty Iraqis who worked for the US had (are having) obtaining visas to leave the country and the terrible danger they were (are) in for working for the US, the longer they stay(ed) in Iraq. The episode of TAL was powerful and horrifying so listen at your own risk.

We made it home in time to pay the sitter and pack up for another meal out with out of town family. The kids behaved remarkably well considering how little sleep they got this weekend, and I've insisted on a quiet day at home for at least three of us today. Time to replenish ourselves.

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At least the Red Sox are still alive! And, if you need a laugh, The Primate Awards. Hilarious.

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