Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Behold my masterpiece (in more ways than one):

and Edwin the cat

Fictional character costumes are my favorites. Maggie loves Olivia, and when I suggested to her that she might like to dress as Olivia for Halloween, her eyes lit up. Leo as Ian was the natural next step, but he was completely uncooperative for pictures (Maggie wins no prizes either).

I had fun making those ears, but the most appealing part of these costumes, quite honestly, is that most of the pieces can be reworn the rest of the fall and winter. Those tights will be perfect for Christmas!

Olivia and Ian felt ear close-up

In case you're interested, the ears are made from felt, pipe cleaners and lots of hot glue. I free-handed
the ear shapes from pictures in the book onto some cardstock and then used that to trace the shape on to the felt (two outer ear pieces in peach, one inner ear in pink per ear). I glued pipe cleaner near the outside edge of one peach ear shape and glued the pink inner ear
Olivia and Ian ear base close-uppiece onto the other peach ear shape.

Then I glued the two peach ear shapes together with the pipe cleaner in between. I used the extra pipe cleaner hanging out of the bottom of the ears to twist them onto the headband. Once they were attached to the headband, I scooted them together so the ears were pinched at the base (and I added a dab of hot glue in there, too).

Have a safe holiday and don't overdo it on candy!

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