Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Whoo! I am in between two weekends of travel and feeling pressed for time so I'm going to post an oldie that's just been sitting around in draft phase.

Continuing on with my goal of repurposing old clothing, I tried out a Pinterest tutorial I can no longer find and provide the link to. Nevertheless, it demonstrated how to turn old Tshirts into girls' nightgowns. What with my piles of Tshirts I no longer wear, and Maggie's love of dresses, this seemed like a good idea.

Go Fighting Phantoms!

And it was super easy. You simply lay a Tshirt that fits the girl who will wear the nightgown on top of the old adult-sized Tshirt and cut along the edges, leaving about a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I had to be a little imaginative when it came to the armpit sleeve area, but since it was just nightwear, I wasn't that concerned.

Then, cut a hole on the inside back of the collar so you can thread elastic (I used 16 inches) through it. Stitch the loop of elastic together once you've gone all the way around, and you've got a cute little peasant neckline. Not necessary to stitch up the hole in the collar.

Thread elastic (any width that fits) through the hems at the ends of the sleeves. I uses 8 inches for each sleeve for my four-year-old daughter. Pin or baste the ends together so the fabric gathers up. I found it was helpful to complete this step before stitching up the sides because then the elastic gets caught in the seam. Also you can't weave the elastic all the way around once you've sewn that seam in place--a lesson I learned the hard way.

with sleep buddy Puppy

Two of the Tshirts were graphic tees to begin with so I didn't decorate any further. But on the plain one I had a little fun with a stencil, paint, and an iron-on decal.

Next time, I try this, I'm going for something a little more challenging. I like the sleeves on this one, though I'll have to figure out how they're made on my own. This one is also super cute, and how about this sack for an infant? So cute!


  1. Seriously, Sarah. Time to open your own Etsy shop! I would happily convert my old Okoboji tees into nightgowns for the girls, and KNOW they would love them. Heck, I wish I had an old Okoboji t-shirt big enough to convert into a nightgown for me!

    1. Katie, I'll work on my technique and then maybe by next summer you can send me a pile of Tshirts for your girls!


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