Monday, October 21, 2013

Things Are Looking Up Weekend

And it's not too hard when your weekend starts with one child whose digestive system is making you seriously question your choice of cloth diapers and the other's is causing you to wash sheets (your own, not hers) in the middle of the night.

Three family members exhibiting various symptoms made us change our plans of visiting family this weekend for my nephew's first birthday and baptism. Super disappointing but the right choice...for my kids and my sister's.

Since we were confined to the indoors on Saturday, I made Caldo Verde from this month's Cook's Illustrated (though I made do with ingredients I already had--still very good) and, inspired by my cousin, some of my great-grandmother's pasta sauce to have on hand in the coming weeks. It pleases me so much that my children also enjoy this traditional family dish. I read just last night that eating the food your ancestors ate (Italian-American, Jewish-American, or what-have-you) is the best choice for your system. Well, this sauce fits the bill.

Maggie has started requesting "crafting," which brings me great joy, and that kept the two of us occupied for part of the weekend. We made a couple of pretty cute Halloween decorations I'll post more about this week.

And on Sunday, when we were feeling more adventurous, we accidentally ran across an apple festival at the nature center. I was, once again, very impressed with our nature center. The festival included  apple games, crafts, cooking, and treats. The caramel apples, cider making, and the straw pile proved to be the highlights of the event for my kidlets.

And the Red Sox won the AL. Things are looking up, indeed.

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  1. Sarah, I was going to try caldo verde tonight but I wasn't able to find the chorizo at the grocery this weekend! Next week! Great minds think alike! And that's interesting, about eating like your ancestors!


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