Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrations and More Apples Weekend

Two birthday parties, a date, and more baking with apples. Strangely, almost no photos.

Friday night Brian and stopped by a birthday party for one of his coworkers on our way to a real-live, married couple date. Well-deserved and long-overdue. Of course I wore my new blue dress. We headed into Capitol Hill from the party and found a wine bar offering half off bottles of wine for federal employees. Woo!Hoo! I mean, Brian has been deemed essential and so has not been furloughed, but don't mind if we do take advantage of that offer.

Brian's father's birthday was Saturday, and we joined the extended family to celebrate his 72 years. As we gathered in the living room, I noticed Maggie trying to peer down the neck of my dress (yes, the blue one again). "What are those?" she asked. This has been a common topic of conversation lately. Why, after 22 months of nursing and then another 17 of nursing Leo, my boobs have just now become so interesting (aside from the early offer sustenance and comfort), I do not know. Here was our conversation a few weeks ago as I got out of the shower:
Maggie: What are those?
Mama: Whats?
Maggie (pointing): Those!
Mama: Boobs. Breasts.
Mama: You will have breasts someday, too. Then you will wear a bra like Mama.
Well, that provided some food for thought. A few days after in the car, we had this conversation:
Maggie: Mama, do you have nipples?
Mama: Yes, you know I do.
Maggie: I will have nipples one day.
Mama: You have nipples now. Everyone has nipples. Even Daddy and Leo have nipples.
Maggie: Daddy has chest hair. (pause) Will I get chest hair?
Mama: Highly unlikely.
Later we returned to the topic of who has nipples. And, I assure you, if you're reading this and I know you personally, you were probably one of the people discussed.

Fortunately, we did not go into that kind of detail at the birthday party. But she's clearly not tired of the topic yet.

Finally, I'm continuing to bake away at those apples. This weekend yielded more applesauce and these muffins baked as mini-loaves (see pic above). Not this weekend, but I also made this de-light-ful apple cake (see pic below). I recommend both. Sweet, but not too sweet. Both last for awhile without going dry, which is a huge plus in my book.

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  1. I have nipples, Greg, can you milk me?

  2. I bought a bushel of apples this weekend. You've inspired me to do something with them, Sarah!


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