Tuesday, November 12, 2013

(Re)Purpose Your Kids' Artwork Into Handmade Cards...and lots of fall art projects for kiddoes

Do you ever feel you're drowning in children's artwork? It's precious, of course it is, but there is just. so. much. of. it. It can't all be displayed, and it can't all be kept (I have anti-hoarding tendencies).

The prettiest projects that come home from school get displayed on the yarn and binder clip clothesline I rigged up. Then when some new art project shows up, we hang it up in place of an older piece which then moves to the keepsake box in the basement (or the recycle bin).

Technically, this will be wrapping paper. But the same idea.
But what about all the home projects? Some get granted spots of the clothesline, but most of it I promptly repurpose into a card. Actually, at this point, when Maggie wants to get out the markers and paint, I start thinking about what birthdays and holidays are approaching and how we'll turn her latest masterpiece into a birthday or holiday card. It's really a fabulous system because we can show off and share her artistic work and then...get it out of the house.

These are a little out-of-date now, but here are some of our Halloween cards:

And a recent birthday card:

And a thank you card:

Bonus use for Do-A-Dot markers

And the inside gives Maggie a chance to practice her very favorite skill of tracing letters. Win win!

Next up? Thanksgiving turkeys. I'm thinking coffee filter and markers for the tails.


  1. Plus, it's a huge treat to get one of these cards in the mail!!

    1. You just wait for our Thanksgiving masterpieces!

  2. cutest ideas ever! I actually have a few paintings my son's did decorating our walls, but this takes it to another level. I really like the idea of making little cards out of their artwork. so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. What a great idea to turn the artwork into a card! I love the word 'repurpose' too :) Those Autumn leaves are a fantastic craft idea.


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