Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Yikes! It's the 31st already!

We have returned from the mild winter climate of the Texas Hill Country, and I am pleased to report I have both unpacked all my bags and nearly packed away all the Christmas decor. I am a whirlwind of efficiency.

I am excited to participate in Joy's Year in Review link-up, and I believe I am just making it in. Thanks to Lisa for posting today and reminding me.

Gained or lost weight?

I took up jogging for the first time in my life last January and lost the baby weight (but not the belly; never the belly), but then I quit in July. Didn't gain back all the baby weight but gained back some.

Predominant feeling in 2013?

I have been stuck on this one for some time. I'm going to say calm. No one who really knows me thinks that's a defining characteristic, and it definitely only fits moments. But my life has been more calm and settled this year than in a long, long time.

Predominant feeling for 2014?

Optimism. This is the first New Year's in several years that we settled in a home, and I am not thinking, "Well, next year will surely be better than this one."

Something you did for the first time in 2013?

Lived in the US but outside the southern US. This was huge.

Something you did again in 2013 after a long pause?

Owned a home. Five months is not a huge pause, but it's a long time to live on someone else's generosity.

Something you unfortunately did not do in 2013?

Not exactly unfortunate, because I have been enjoying the break, but I didn't teach any school children this year. In fact, it's the first year that my life has not revolved around a school year since 1981. Though my daughter is in school, so I guess a school year plays a part in our lives still.

Word of the year?

Transition or change.

City of the year?

I guess I'd have to say DC for that since we bought a home in the general area.

Hair longer or shorter?

Same old, same old.

More or less money spent?

Whoo! More! It's expensive around here. On the other hand, I spend quite a bit less on treats for myself because...it's so much more expensive around here.

Highest mobile phone bill?

I believe it's the same month to month. But I don't pay our bills so I'm not sure.

Hospital stays?

I am happy to say no to this.

(Fallen) In love?

Not fallen.

Most called person?

I talk less and less on the phone. But I guess it would be my husband to talk get an answer to a question, see when he's going to be home, etc.

Whom did you spend the most beautiful time with?

My babies, of course.

What did you spend most of your time with?

My phone or my computer, I bet.

Song of the year?

Consider Yourself. Really, it's only been a major presence in the last month or so while I practice for my audition into a women's chorus, but it also seems to fit in with our big move.

Book of the year?

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Haven't actually read it yet. I checked out from the library in late winter, it held pressed bluebonnets this spring, I had to argue with the library about whether I'd returned it or not (I had) in the summer, I found it at a book sale in the fall, and I may read it someday. I hear it is good.

TV show/movie of the year?

I can't get House of Cards out of my head. I was so struck by the characters played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. They're so calculating and duplicitous and fascinating to watch. But Kevin Spacey has gotten himself into quite a mess, and I am both highly anticipating and dreading the next season.

Insight of the year?

I need to slow down. Even more.

Three things you totally could have done without?

Moving into a new house without any childcare

Most beautiful event?

My babies playing together or with cousins sweetly.

More short-sighted or more far-sighted than 2013? 

I'm a little confused by this question, but Joy answered it literally, comparing 2012 to 2013, so I will too. I don't think I'm 20/15 anymore; in fact, I'm not sure I'm even 20/20. Oh, the sadness of approaching 40.

The most dangerous thing you did?

Last January. Tried to drive to NC in an ice storm. Gave up when I started skidding around the highway.

The most expensive thing you bought?


The most delicious meal or food you ate?

How can I narrow this down? I'll use my standby: Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

The best party?

A family one: Easter at my parents', the 4th at Okoboji, Garatoni Girls' Weekend, Christmas at my aunt and uncles'--one of those.

The most important thing you wanted to convince somebody of?

I actually have a good answer for this, but it's too long to write here.

The most beautiful present you gave to somebody?

My time. I'm not trying to praise myself here as much as admit that stopping what I'm doing to give someone else my time is a valuable gift, and I should work on giving it more often.

The most beautiful present that somebody gave you?

The opportunity to not work outside the home. Thank you, Brian!

The most beautiful sentence someone said to you?

I love you, Mama.

The most beautiful sentence you said to someone? 

I love you.

How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?

With my in-laws: eating lobster and dancing to oldies.

What will you have for dinner?

Lobster (as mentioned) and Mediterranean takeout.

What drinks will be in your glasses to clink?

Some sort of sparkling white wine.

Will you ignite any fireworks? 

No fireworks. Much dancing, especially to You Can't Always Get What You Want, a family anthem.

What are you going to wear? Comfy or glamorous?

Somewhere in between, but I'll still be the dressiest.

Did you have any resolutions for 2013? And how about 2014?

I say it now publicly: I will make more of an effort to live in the present and not be thinking constantly of what comes next.

What are your wishes for the new year?

To continue to live a relatively peaceful life with no more upheaval and trauma and bad news. I'm dreaming, aren't I? Limited upheaval and bad news. Maybe we could let the trauma go entirely.

In one word: 2013 was...

Exhausting. I recognize the contradiction with calm. Somehow they both work.


  1. Exhausting - I love it! Ditto to that!

    I just love your response to the question about the most beautiful gift you gave. That's so true, isn't it? And I probably need to focus on doing that a lot better than I do.

    Happy new year! Enjoy that lobster party! :)

  2. Honestly, Blogger hates me right now. If this ends up being a duplicate, so sorry!

    Just came over to say thank you for the link to that procrastination article. In classic me style, I abandoned all previously-scheduled tasks and read it immediately - and it's part two. I loved it! That could not have described my life and my brain more accurately and I'm hooked. So thanks for a great referral!

  3. Awesome post! I love how you did this! Head over to my blog when you get a chance, got some sunshine for ya! xoxo


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