Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treats For Those You Appreciate and If You're Giving Teacher Gifts, I Need You to Read This!

A little clarification on that title: I appreciate everyone to whom I give a gift. The gift-receivers I'm thinking of here are teachers, neighbors, etc.

I taught for 14 years, and I received a pretty wide range of gifts at this time of year. I don't want to sound unappreciative, especially for those dollar store gifts that you know are all the family can afford, but come on, all a teacher really wants is a gift card (even $5 is a treat!) and a nice note. All those cutesy teacher gifts? Those are given by people who have never been teachers. Teachers are poor, and teachers are busy. What they want is a little help with their grocery bill or the luxury of buying their morning coffee at Starbucks.

And a nice card. Since we're always crafting anyway, we made teacher cards this year:

Maggie was sure a cake was an appropriate holiday card design. Oh, and we have discovered glitter glue.
But that's not necessary. Send your teacher some sign of genuine appreciation. A nice note will warm his/her heart. But maybe you don't have time or you don't really jive with the teacher this year. At least have your child sign his/her name. You have no idea how a tiny gesture like that can be meaningful. I've saved every single card from a student if it has his/her handwriting on it. If it said, "Thank you for teaching me," it probably moved me to tears. Those little touches matter!

And then baked goods. Maybe that's not all teachers, though. I'm not gonna preach that one. Here's the thing: I like to bake, but I don't like the baked goods sitting around my house. So I use teachers and neighbors (and the mailman!) as places to deposit those baked goods.

This year we made brownie cupcakes and peppermint marshmallows dipped in chocolate. I buy the festive liners and boxes during post-Christmas sales and stash them away until the next year.

Our neighbors got a sampling of the baked goods, too, and I tried out this card idea I found on Pinterest:

Those are supposed to be trees. Can you tell? I jumped when I found another use for old holiday cards, but I'm not sure how these turned out.

Now, off you go to buy those gift cards for your child's teachers! And don't forget the note!


  1. Totally cute! I love finding a way to re-purpose holiday cards. My Grandmother's aunt - so is she my great aunt? my grand aunt? No idea. Anyway - she would cut the fronts off and use them for holiday "postcards" the next year or make them into a booklet for the kids to play with or something. She was amazing for finding ways to re-use and re-purpose things. I think it had a lot to do with growing up during the Depression era.

    As a teacher, I can vouch for the gift info. I have never appreciated anything quite as much as the good old Dunkin' Donuts gift card! But those handwritten notes really are the best. I, too, have saved all those notes from kids over the years. I like to pull them out on days when I feel like the lousiest teacher on the planet or when the days just aren't going great. It helps. The ones that always touched me most were the ones from kids who I thought totally hated me. I would think "really? wow!" Proves that you just never know how you influence someone.

    And with that said, I have yet to pull my act together and get Kidzilla's teacher's gift put together...better get moving!

  2. Um....I wish I read this yesterday. I just sent a bank vault in giftcards and candy to my kid's school. In our defense, I often think how much I'd have paid for school, if he weren't in the sped program... Still!!! LOVE your ideas!!!!

  3. These are really sweet, unique ideas! Where did all my craftiness go? I swear I did stuff like this once! Those kids....they sucked it all out of me with my breast milk. GRRRRRR. Someday I will be as crafty as Sarah again.....someday......


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