Sunday, March 16, 2014

TToT17: Making Up

It broke my heart a little to miss the TToT last week. Not only because I think the exercise is worthy and the participants fascinating, but because I can get just a little overly hooked on routine. So it might not have been a terrible thing to make myself skip the post when there simply wasn't the time. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna make up for it with an extra post this weekend.

1. First of all, and this one's huge. Lookie here:

If you were able to see past my enormous knuckles and desperate need for hand lotion, you might notice I am wearing something that may very well be my wedding ring. That's right, my friends, I found it! Special thanks to my nephew who stuffed a bunch of books through the gap between the unelevated trundle bed and the regular day bed. As I was digging around down there, retrieving the books, I noticed something shining in the dim, dusty, under-bed zone. Wa.Hoo.

2. One thing I know about volunteering is that you probably end up feeling taken for granted at some point or another. You sign up for one thing and then more and more tasks fall into your lap, and you hate to say no because everyone's a volunteer and there aren't enough hands to go around anyway, and it's such a worthwhile cause.
So it's nice when you get a big bonus of getting to attend a conference for free. I got to go to one on Saturday which conveniently helps me keep up to speed in my occupational (past and probable future) field as well as my parenting one.

3. And, besides that, I felt like I was in my element. I was able to connect with people I had known through my previous workplace (in another state) and with people I have met and associated with in this area. I didn't feel like an outsider in spite of not currently working as a language therapist, and I felt I was able to manage some of that elusive "networking," a term and skill of which I hate the sound and in which I perform miserably (being an introvert, you know). (And you did you notice the extreme finagling I did to tuck in my prepositions?)

4. Wait But Why. Do you know this blog? You should. This blog is fun, and fun is good. (See Instant Gratification Monkey.) And actually quite informative at times. The author posted this video recently, and it worth watching. It's longish (five minutes or so) and has a terrible New Age-y sounding soundtrack, but who knew videos were being taken at the turn of the century? The one before last, that is.
Here's what I was struck by: there seem to have been no traffic rules. No stop signs or lights, no restricted lanes, no crosswalks. Clearly no sense of right-of-way. I'm torn between being really impressed that people were able to calculate time and speed correctly (horse team and wagon may have crossed in front of the trolley at the very last minute, but they made it past without getting hit) and thinking ummm, and this is why those rules were created. Check out the boys playing chicken with the trolley and then hanging onto the back of a car.

5. Samoas. This is my first experience with them, having lived in the land of Caramel DeLites until now. Poor little Girl Scouts didn't even know what I was talking about when I tried to order Caramel DeLites. So far, halfway through the box (in fifteen minutes), I say Samoas are just as good. Don't hate me, but I rank these cookies higher than Thin Mints.

6. I am an official member of the Capital Accord Chorus! After a prolonged (because of weather and travel) audition process in which I performed (with varying degrees of success) the Baritone part in two songs with a quartet made up of three other very accomplished singers, I managed to pass and gain admittance. My family is thrilled that I no longer constantly sing only the harmony of Consider Yourself and Harmonize The World around the house, but I am afraid will soon get sick of hearing There Goes My Heart and Blue Skies.

7. FMI, because I know you are fascinated, the CAC is a women-only barbershop chorus that performs all around the DC area. Including, I hear, maybe, the castle (as we call it in our family). This forbidding, perhaps even fantod-inducing, edifice is the main center of worship for Mormons in
the DC area. It rises up in all it's modern-Disney princess castle style glory well above the tree line just north of the beltway, and I will not deny that I'd jump at the chance to see inside it. Not that I'd be allowed in the inner sanctum for the Mormon Big Guns (e.g., Mitt Romney), but still. I'd see part of it.

8. We've had two days that very nearly reached 60 degrees in the last week. To walk outside and not need a coat? To walk my daughter out to the bus in bare feet and not get frostbite (I'm usually barefoot unless there is snow and ice on the sidewalk)? Spring just might come, after all.

9. My Kairos moment of the week: following Leo's lead and discovering what he really wanted to do upon leaving the PO was to empty the outside beds of their rocks and throw them across the pavement. One by one by one. Ones I was surprised he could move, he slowly rolled out, lifted, and tossed. You may call him little, but he's mighty!
Which one is airborne?

10. Skeuomorph. A wonderful new word, courtesy of my cousin Big Pete (and yes, there is a Little Pete who is a few inches taller than Big Pete, though several years younger). A skeuomorph is a derivative object that retains ornamental design cues from structures that were necessary in the original (courtesy of Wikipedia). For instance, the typing sound you can allow your phone to make is a skeuomorph. I enjoy the skeuopmorph of a clicking sound my phone makes when it takes a picture. Apple utilizes the skeuomorph particularly well.
So, did you know that word, Lizzi? It's a fun one to say.

And now, on to next week! And the snow.


  1. I like it. Although it's a teensy bit of a vowel clusterf@&k there in the middle. But reasonable to say. COOL!

    i.e. means the ONLY example. It's possible you meant e.g. - AN example of...

    YAY YOU FOUND YOUR WEDDING RING! SO thrilled for you :D

    And whoooooooooooot CHECK YOU OUT with the singing. Next VidChat, you SING to us :D

  2. Thank you so much for the clarification! I am going to fix it right now!
    Yeah, I had to doublecheck how to spell it several times.

  3. Yay for finding your ring which I think is gorgeous by the way!

    And LOVE Samoas!!

  4. Yay for finding your ring and volunteering! I've been trying to find an organization to volunteer with around here, but I've been failing at it. :/

  5. Isn't it awesome when you find something you thought was lost forever? And your wedding ring - that's a big deal. Samoas are my favorites, too - damn cookies are irresistible. And I smiled at the photo of the castle - that's what we call it do. I find myself humming "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes" every time I see it emerge over the horizon (495).

    1. Isn't it horrifying? We see it every time we go to my in-laws'. At least you sing a cheerful song. It really creeps me out.

  6. You found your ring?!! Awesome! That's huge!

    and don't even say Samoas around me. I become vampire-like and will attack you for them. *shows fangs*

  7. Replies
    1. Ha! Remember? I sing in the grocery store along with the music playing. I know you want to go to the grocery store with me now, right?

  8. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how long I stared figuring out which rock is airborne but found it! The gray one just left of the middle (unbelievably proud of myself). Here's to following our little guys' leads and YAYYYAYAYAYYYY to finding your wedding ring. That's bigger than awesome, thankful, cool stuff.

    1. I'm tickled you took the time! And yes, the ring! Whew!

  9. Ohmygoshyoufoundyourring! That's awesome. Yessss!
    Kudos on the tucked prepositions - something only an English teacher can truly appreciate. ;) Hooray for the CAC admission - and I also sing in the grocery store. Kidzilla shushes me all the time. Not because I'm terrible, mind you, but because I'm a little too enthusiastic, perhaps, and she wants to hear "the real music." Tough crowd.
    I love Wait But Why - in fact, I'm pretty sure it was you who put me wise to them. Best blog in the world for me. That monkey is my hero.


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