Friday, February 6, 2015

TToT63: Two Birds*

I am thankful for two people at this moment. One is my sister because you know what? I like her. And I don't get to see her often enough. And she's driving herself and her two boys to visit us this weekend, and we will have a grand time.

Secondly, I am thankful for Lisa and her quest to make me like Brussels sprouts. She sent me a bunch of recipes over a year ago, and I pinned some of them. I happen to have an overload of Brussels sprouts from the CSA so I dug back through my veggie recipes and gave this one a try. Let me tell you, it was delicious! And super-duper easy.

But I'm also thankful for Lisa's gift (sort of) of this Bloggy Sisterhood Award, and I'm gonna finish up this TToT with my answers. Thank you, Lisa! It always feels good to be liked!

1. What is one of your favorite habits you have?
I'm always working on some sort of creative project involving my hands. I like to sew, build, glue, cut, paint, bead, and more, but I don't like to do the same project more than once (if I can help it). Making something I've never made before is fun.
2. Would you prefer to travel by plane, train, or automobile? Why?
Automobile. I love maps, and I like to choose the route. Being behind the wheel feeds my need to be in control.
3. What's the first thing you notice about people?
Whether the person is male or female. Stole that from from Katherine Hepburn.

 4. If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?
If given a choice, I'm highly unlikely to throw any kind of party. I find hosting stressful. So let's say a low-maintenance party with only people who make me feel completely comfortable and alcohol to keep me relaxed. And good cheese...because cheese.
5. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
Probably a candy bar. I've always had a sweet tooth. My first major purchase with a real salary was a fabulous green couch that we still own but that has been relegated to the basement because it's showing its age. Still super comfortable, though.
6. What was your favorite activity in gym class?
I always hated gym. I can't remember anything remotely positive about it. Except giant parachute day. I looked forward to that all year long.
7. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?
There's no one right way. Find your own right way.
8. What's your favorite part about today so far?
My two year old is taking a nap for the first time in days.
9. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?
I'd like to be a bird of prey. I want to be fierce, and I want to be able to fly.
10. What story does your family always tell about you?
This is a good story when told orally. Not sure how it will translate, but it is the story that gets told about me the most often.
One summer when I was two-ish, my parents, older brother, and I took my three older cousins to visit their mother in Houston, TX. You may or may not have visited Houston in the summer, but I'm sure you can imagine the heat and humidity. Misery.
And then the car overheated. 
According to my cousins, my father's mood was both visible and nearly tangible. Everyone in the car was miserably hot (I was fortunately asleep at the time), but no one was uttering a word because no one wanted to set of the ticking temper bomb in driver's seat. And then I woke up and said, "Ti-im, I'm ho-ot." (Try to picture the accent.)
And that's the story that gets told about me. Partly because I was the baby cousin for four years and kind of a whiny one; partly because even to this day I hate being hot and sweaty. Hate it.
The better line from that story came later (or before (I'm fuzzy on the details)). Aside from the car overheating and spewing steam and having to be pushed (I have a vague recollection of sitting in the shade of a pine tree watching others push), there was a tow truck whose business had taken it to same vicinity as we were in, and the driver, coming to the logical conclusion that we might be in need of his services, was slowly circling, disappearing and reappearing while he waited for my father to throw in the towel. Little did he know that each reappearance solidified my father's resolve. Finally, my father shook his fist at him and shouted, "I'm not dead yet, you buzzard!"
The tow truck left. And we somehow made it to our destination.
The story tells a lot about me aside from my hatred of sweat. I inherited from my father a short temper, great stubbornness, and a tendency to resist any kind of hint or advice (as well as many other positive traits, Dad). Don't tell me what to do because I'll do the opposite.

I'm sure you can find eight more thankfuls in those answers.

Since I'm incorporating these questions into my TToT (and Lizzi and Lisa have taken most of the bloggers in our circle already), I'll just award my questions (following) to the third, sixth, tenth, eleventh, fifteenth, and seventeenth people to link up this weekend. And those lucky recipients are: Erin, Lisa, Romi, Ivy, Clark, and Val. And here are your questions that you may choose to answer:

1. What do you think you could eat for the longest number of days without getting sick of it?
2. How often do you shower and wash your hair?
3. What actor or actress would you like to play you in a movie about your life?
4. Name something you wish you had never thrown away. Explain.
5. Are you a good dancer? What makes you good (or bad)?
6. What fictional character would you like to have dinner with tonight? Why?
7. What do you plan to purchase next? Why?
8. Look up at this very moment. What do you see?
9. Tell about a favorite childhood toy.
10. What is something you do every single day without fail?

*I swear I wrote this title before Ivy published hers. I'm sticking with it.

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  1. Your nomination technique is brilliant! I almost used the "two birds" line, too. :-) And I wish I had remembered giant parachute day--that was a good PE day!

    1. The ONLY good PE day, amiright? You escaped the list this time, Kristi!

  2. :D interesting read!

    Loved your technique ;)

  3. That is a fabulous idea for choosing who to pass the sisterhood questions to!! Daggum, you TToT people are clever!

    I thought of giant parachute day, but really, it was one of my least favorite. There's no competition with a giant parachute! :)

    I've always been impressed with your willingness to get into a new project and learn how to do it if necessary.

    That story about the car breaking down is priceless. I love that he actually yelled at the tow truck guy. And yes, I could hear your whine with the double syllables. :)

    1. I'm always so flattered when you write that you're impressed with my skills since you seem like the kind of woman who can do everything.

  4. I too loved the buzzard comment! No worries on the title I think there is enough cliche for the both of us! The Desk Set has got to be one of my all time favorite movies... I actually have two copies. I had loaned one out and it didnt come back for a long time and I forgot where it was so we got another.

    1. It's a fabulous line, isn't it? He's good with words, my dad is. Desk Set is definitely a fav of mine as well. Hence the immediacy of that quote when I read the question.

  5. I love Brussels sprouts! I usually boil them and eat with mayonnaise.

    1. Wow! I have to admit that I don't have a taste for mayonnaise either.

  6. The buzzard comment made me smile. And you're one of my 'usual suspects', which is why I didn't send my award onwards to you. I kind of feel like I like to try to give everyone a turn, but I'm really glad that Lisa got you :)

    Well done for the crossover.

    *I* think you're fierce. You're a warrior.

  7. Love your answer to number 7! I also smiled a the buzzard comment. And if I ever want to you do do something, I'll remember to ask you to do the opposite of it!

    1. Well, I believe that's the only good way to live--to recognize there isn't one way. Ha! I know you think the same.
      Wise choice, Yvonne. You'll likely succeed.

  8. Well, I'm the 17th, so. I guess you'll be reading the answers to yours and Lisa's later on next week. I love the story of 2 year old you and I love that you are stubborn and oppositional. I was never good at taking anyone's advice. Always wanted to do things for myself. The questions are a fun way to connect.

    1. Ha! Well, you may be the only one to work that out. Have fun with those questions. I usually fret over them, but this time, I just jotted them down as they came and gave hardly a thought.
      Stubborn and oppositional. Yeah, I guess I am. My husband would say so.

  9. Oh yes! I want to fly too..definetely a bird of prey.

    I hated PE/GYM with a passion...

    1. I know! If only it had involved flying. I actually don't like heights much, but I'm sort of assuming if I were a bird they wouldn't bother me.

  10. what the hell is 'giant parachute day' ?! (have to admit, it sounds cool, but I'm betting it does not involve: a) jumping out of planes or 2) MC Hammer

    1. Well, if you missed giant parachute day, your childhood was sadly lacking. I'm sorry for that, Clark.
      I had some very puffy pants in high school, I admit.

  11. Why did I not think to incorporate these questions into my TToT this week? I loved reading and learning more about you. I share your love of maps and control, and hatred of gym class. I dodged the bullet on your questions this week but I will answer one. I'd love to have dinner with Atticus Finch, but the Gregory Peck movie Atticus - my dream man.

    1. I think you know have titanium-clad excuse to avoid gym class! Ha! I crack myself up.
      Oh, yes, Gregory Peck in that role. Can't fault you for that!

  12. I totally get the "make it once" thing. I keep trying to figure out some type of income for myself and I set myself upon a project only to feel satisfied with the completion. THEN never look at it again. I have piles and boxes of supplies for Making Things potentials.

    Love the get to know yous mixed with thankfuls. It is fun.

    AND cheese. There is nothing more to say than CHEESE.

    1. Ha! You and I could combine our piles and boxes...or Pinterest accounts...and have quite a mountain of ideas. Accumulating the ideas is part of the fun, though.
      Yes, cheese. All kinds. Stinky or otherwise.

  13. I JUST bought a bag of Brussels sprouts!! I need to try that recipe Lisa gave you!! These are such fun questions AND answers!!! Hated gym too... those stinky uniforms? Gross.

    And I just love how creative you are... such a gift. I can't do a damn thing with my hands.

    I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time this weekend with your sis and kids!!

    1. Well, I think the secret is grating them in the food processor. The recipes I've tried that asks for them be be chopped pretty small before cooking are the best. Cuts down on their natural flavor. :)

    2. GYM SUITS! How did I forget to mention those in my answers? The year I had to start wearing one was the year they switched from the white cotton ones with built in bloomers (kid you not, and thank you, Jesus, for that) to knit ones with royal blue stripes on top and royal blue shorts (one piece, of course). They zipped UP THE BACK, like you could do THAT by yourself in a locker room.

    3. I don't know about this gym suit thing. I don't think we ever had to wear them.

    4. UGH! If I could post a picture here, I would! Horrid!

    5. if you posted a pic, I would be overjoyed!

    6. Lisa has many Brussels sprouts recipes on her Pinterest boards. Check Food - Veggie Sides and/or Salads and you will find many.

  14. I like cabbage raw, but I don't like it cooked. Brussels sprouts are just tiny little cabbages. I will eat them roasted, though, with lost of garlic to mask the taste....
    2. Me, too!
    3. LOVE that movie!
    4. Me, too!
    6. Me, too! Are we the same person?
    9. Flying! Flying would be awesome!
    10. Yes, I've been in Houston in the summer. Love the story!
    Love your questions for your nominees!

    1. We may be the same person. I should have known you would love Desk Set too. Isn't it the best? Such witty repartee!

  15. Hooray for the Brussels Sprouts lady! I love that you liked that recipe. I just love Brussels sprouts. Truly.
    Kids taking naps? Yes.
    The story about you and your dad is priceless. Love that he hollered at the tow truck guy.
    Your answers are terrific. I know these get old fast, but I have to say I am really enjoying this current round of them because everyone seems to be enjoying them and really sharing some great things about themselves. Love your random selection method of nomination.
    And for the record, I think you're pretty fierce.

  16. You and your father sound a lot like my father and me, Sarah. And I'll answer a few of your questions just for fun:
    1. Trader Joe's tomato soup
    7. Trader Joe's tomato soup - I'm eating my last box for lunch as soon as I'm finished commenting here.

    1. Well, gosh, now I think I need to try it. We do go there at least once a week.


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