Monday, July 6, 2015


You're supposed to do it when it's hard.

I am thankful for cousins. And love given and returned.

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  1. Wow. I am sorry you are having a hard right now. I love you and I miss you! HUGS

  2. …and the weird/cool/well-at-least-one-thing-doesn't-totally-suck thing about the TToT is that participation is the only requirement in order to get the benefit… not necessarily directly or immediately (or even in the form thats recognizable) but the benefit is there…
    thanks for the Post.* at least it's not snowing!

    * totally serious, part of the benefit of participation is to not only hear about the good times in the lives of others but to witness people participate when things are not good times… totally inspirational

  3. Ah, sorry you are having a rough go. Glad you have awesome cousins, though.

    1. I do have some awesome cousins. And one late one.

  4. I'm sorry your having a rough time.

  5. Im just grateful you made it! I missed you. :)

  6. I saw the post on facebook. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sarah. What a tragedy. Prayers for his wife and kids and for all of your family, along with a big hug for you.

  7. So sorry, Words really seem useless in times like this, but please know we are thinking of you.

  8. Well CRAP!! Of course I missed what happened... off to find your FB page to see.

    I'm so so sorry that something horrible has happened... by the comments it seems you lost a beloved someone in your life! Oh, how this hurts my heart for you!!


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