Saturday, July 25, 2015

TToT88: Hugs and Blenders and Potties, oh my!

It's been a week. The highlight was having a cousin and three of her children in town. Oh, it was good to hug a cousin!

I accompanied them as they saw the sights. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I don't go downtown more often. So much to see and so much of it for free! It takes visitors to get me going, but I'm glad we did even if it was hella hot.

I had some other small highlights during the week such as discovering that a double banana can grow in one skin, being passed by a 80-something-year-old while jogging, and getting hit on at Unique Thrift. The young man was not rude. He told me multiple times he thought I would look beautiful in a bright pink Tshirt he'd selected for me (I do think pink is flattering on me). Whereas my answers of, "Thank you, but I'm not shopping for myself today," did not discourage him, my answer when he asked if I was married did. Off he went.

I am thankful for Joy, whom most of you know. I started season one of Game of Thrones this week and am completely hooked (turning it on any moment I am sans kiddies), and she has been extremely helpful providing some background info I needed. She also pointed me in the direction of some good websites. There are a lot of characters to keep straight.

My husband bought me a Vitamix! If you have any doubt regarding the hoopla around this product, dismiss it. This thing is a wonder. If you're looking to save $$$, look for a refurbished one for half-price. So far, so good and a five year warranty.

I think I've made inroads with my irrationally stubborn three-year-old regarding potty training. We checked out Ian's New Potty from the library, and he was smitten with Ian's red potty. Straight to the Amazon app and two days later we had a red potty! Only two successful potty experiences so far, but since both were unprompted (see stubbornness), I'm feeling optimistic.

Speaking of that three-year-old, in hypo-gratitude, I'm thankful part of his front tooth remains. I don't even understand how this happened on carpet. I was in another room. What a scrapper, huh?

We're in Texas! First a cousin and her kids, and then my parents and record family gathering of aunts, uncles, and cousins in our old vacation spot (where I saw Reuben swim in his disintegrating cast if you've been reading lately). It's gonna feel like an enormous hug. Maybe a teary one, but a hug.

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  1. Every time I see that cute Leo, I just smile - he is ADORABLE? Good luck with the potty training, that is a big one. Glad you'll be with family this week and I wish you lots of hugs.

  2. Isn't it amazing how our towns can have so much fun stuff to do and we hardly ever get out to do them? Glad you got out..

  3. Have lots of fun and tears with family this week... love that Leo boy!

  4. forgive me for being impertinent, but my brain was playing with punctuation and, as a result, I got stopped in the very beginning at,
    "...discovering that a double banana can grow in one skin, being passed by a 80-something-year-old while jogging, and getting hit on at Unique Thrift."
    don't read this (in your head) too fast (thereby overlooking the emphases that denote individual phrases).

    lol (yes, let the adolescent blogger have his fun…)

  5. My youngest was super hard to potty train! He would stand and deliberately pee where ever he was. It was a long summer of cleaning pee out of carpeting and to this day the smell of vinegar makes me think of the smell of pee.

  6. I'd like to be at a beach in Texas!
    Potty training is one of the only things the kid is in control of in life. You can't make them use a potty. They have to be ready to do it themselves. It's hard to let them do it on their time, especially if you have something looming over your head like a preschool class that requires they be potty trained, but I promise, he won't go to college in a diaper. Not even to kindergarten!

  7. Aw Sarah, enjoy all those special hugs!
    PS being hit on is always a mood booster!

  8. I'm so glad you are going to be with so much family this week. You all need some hugging and loving time with each other. Soak it up.

    Potty training is my least favorite thing to do as a parent. I hate it. Really and truly. Good luck. Be patient.

    Why the hell isn't there a photo of this never-before-seen double banana in one skin?!?!?!?

  9. Whatever you do, do not google game of throne memes -- just don't. Signed GoT fan. You may also need emotional support throughout all the midway points and don't fall in love with anyone. In fact, hate everyone and hate the show. Watch puppies dressed as minions instead.
    I'm kidding. It's a good show.
    Double banana sounds dirty.


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