Sunday, September 20, 2015

TToT94: It's four in the morning...

But I'm not Leonard Cohen (tell me you get this reference).

Instead of writing a song/letter to my brother/killer, I am baking 66 chicken wings. Turns out I should have checked the calendar more carefully before telling the party planner: any dish will be fine; I'll make whatever other people don't sign up for. My day's booked from 9:00 to 7:00 pm today. And other, cleverer people knew to stay away from the dish that requires six hours of baking.

It's hard to believe it's only been a week since my last TToT, but there you go.

I'm thankful for:

1. In no particular order: Ivy, Lizzi, Denise, Kristi, Val, Jen, Clark and Phyllis and Una, Suheiry, Dana, and Holley Perry.

2. Holley Perry gets her own special mention again, but I don't know what her blog is so I can't link her up.

3. Planned slumber parties

4. Impromptu slumber parties

5. My girl had another good week of school.

6. I figured out that her digestion probably slowed down again because she's drinking at least one carton of milk at school a day. This is fixable.

7. My boy has been a great sport this week.

8. We got to play trucks on Friday when I discovered that the sound effect for the seatbelts that go on car transporters when they ride on planes is a very loud zhzhzhzhzhhzh.

9. I might kick just this cold and subsequent laryngitis to the curb.

10. The coffee's nearly ready.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

TToT93: Fears and Worries

Tomorrow I am driving to Ocean City. Do you know who will be there? Are you one of those who will be there?

As I told Ivy, I was "beside myself" with excitement most of this week. But nervousness hit today, and hit hard. I AM GOING TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH THREE WOMEN I'VE NEVER MET (ok, I've met Kristi once), AND EAT MEALS WITH SEVERAL OTHERS (yes, Clark, not just women).

What if you don't like me after all?!?!?! What if my clothes are all wrong and I say all the wrong things? What if I surprise my bedmate with my sleepwalking and talking habits?!?!?!?

Must distract myself...

I have a tendency to run right to the dire. We got a bit of surprise three days before school started, and I interpreted it as the end of the world. As I do. I mean, it was not good, but I was not feeling very half full about it either.

But, BUT...I forget how much we can do as concerned, well-informed parents. I drafted an email and had it checked by those I trust (I didn't want to burn bridges, but I wanted to sound strong), and it had a powerful impact. Changes were made, Brian and I were in for a meeting this week, and we've got a much more palatable situation in place. We're nervous, but we're willing to try.

And as if to prove how comfortable my girl is feeling in school, she conquered a huge fear this school...without her parents. So, my opinion about that glass is improving.

I'll call that ten.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

TToT92: My tailbone is sore

I stand corrected. Driving from my home to Chattanooga, TN is not eight hours; it is nine. So, 18 hours of driving, one big party, and one overnight in a hotel later, I am home again. And my tailbone is sore (this is a new effect from long drives for me).

All the experiences mixed in there--times with loved ones, new friends, good food and music and memories, my first taste of kava, silly times with my brother and sister. There's ten in there for sure.

But I'm also thankful that semi didn't run me off the road and into the rocky cliffside after all, and that I had the presence of mind to make a mental note of the number on the back of the truck.

This incongruous statement that keeps running through my head: I'm overjoyed to be sitting here having breakfast with you, but I'd prefer never having met you.

And a beautiful image courtesy of the same person that I'm trying to figure how to immortalize so it doesn't fade away into the long-term folds of my brain with all the other untethered data that will never be recalled.

And this pure silliness.

And, oh heavens, I see Lizzi NEXT WEEK! And many of rest of you too!

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