Friday, December 18, 2015

TToT104: Assumptions

I am thinking about assumptions tonight and the adage about assuming. I both made an ass of myself and was made an ass by other through assumptions this week, and I think I'll turn those into one big ten part hypogratitude list.

1. Don't assume you know someone's religion based on that person's membership in a group.

2. Don't assume that the prettiest and most delicious cookies were store-bought.

3. Don't assume you understand another person's reaction to difficult news.

4. Don't assume she got that cut the way a group of elementary school kids is insisting she got it.

5. Don't assume recipes touted on Pinterest are necessarily good ones.

6. Don't assume others can understand sarcasm over email.

7. Don't assume a friend can truly understand your meaning over text.

8. Don't assume you really sent that picture to Clark.

And, finally, this website and this article that are at least tangentially related to assumptions.

9. Princess Awesome makes some truly fabulous dresses for little girls. And I just found out of my new friend is the half the brains behind this company.

10. This article that has most certainly got me thinking.

May your days be merry and bright and as assumption-free as possible.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

TToT103: Vermin

This has been a surprisingly good week considering the lice diagnosis.

As you might imagine, I have been laundering, combing, vacuuming at a furious pace.

In hypogratitude, I am thankful that we have the tools at hand to manage this infestation? I'm reaching here.

My house is very clean. I am very tired.

I wrote a post this week that was not a TToT post. It's been a long time.

I found my daughter's missing tooth while vacuuming under her bed.

I'm plugging away at the to-do list and feel somewhat less not-at-ease than I did last week. In spite of the lice.

I rediscovered this charming picture today that fills me with such a funny mixed bag emotions. I don't really miss the baby years; they're not my favorites. But this face, this perfect face.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

To Pull or Not to Pull

My six-year-old daughter has two loose teeth. Very, very loose teeth.

At this time (and let's face it, some weeks before) during my own childhood, my father would be trying to hoodwink me into letting him pull at least one of these out. I'll just wiggle it a little, he'd say, and I'd fall for it over and over.

Until I wised up and wouldn't let him near my mouth. Then the teeth lingered. The permanent ones came in before and behind, and when my parents took me to the orthodontist for the first time, he scolded me for not letting my parents pull my teeth. I let one bicuspid grow in fully, coming up under the baby tooth and wedging it into the gum on the inside of my mouth. When my father finally convinced me to let him have at it, what emerged was only a shell of a tooth with a tiny pinprick hole through it.

So considering the two options, I think letting my father pull away was the better one. I only ever lost one tooth because it fell out on its own. Corn on the cob got it, and it went the way of the corn.

Back to my daughter's teeth. I told my husband it was time for him to pull them. I mean, they're barely hanging on. And mothers don't pull teeth; that's the father's job. But he was horrified.
B: What are you talking about? You don't pull teeth! You wait for teeth to fall out!

S: But what if she swallows it?

B: That doesn't happen to anyone! (nevermind my corn on the cob experience)
Seriously, it's like he thought I was a sadist. So, I thought, I'll wiggle the loosest one a little and see what happens. But the flexibility of it gave me the shivers, and I couldn't bring myself to really handle it with the force needed. So I called my dad. He said, Pull and twist. And have a cloth and a bowl of ice cream handy. But still I couldn't do it.
B: No one pulls teeth! You wait for teeth to fall out! Do not pull out her teeth!

S: But what if her permanent ones grow in before or behind all crooked?

B: That doesn't happen to anyone! (nevermind my childhood pictures) OK, at least wait until I do some research. (my husband researches everything)
I decided I'd get a head start on the research in case he tried to present a skewed view to me later. And for the record, at this point I was chalking his view up to what I consider his pampered, squeamish upbringing. I lump no teeth pulling in with summer camps where you don't have to unpack or make your own bed and pronouncing syrup seer-up.

But to my horror, most websites back him up! Parents don't pull teeth anymore! (Or don't get that advice from the Internet.) What is this soft world coming to? Isn't this a rite of passage--getting your teeth pulled and eating your ice cream? Will I next be told the tooth fairy should pay $5 per tooth?!?!?

So here's my question: Is the pulling of extremely loose teeth really and truly not done any more? Do children no longer swallow teeth that fall out or have permanent teeth come in while the baby teeth are hanging on? And here's a hint: support me because I'm using your responses as evidence.

Full disclosure: I wrote this Friday, and both teeth are now gone. One fell out in my hand Saturday morning and one was gone Sunday morning. Swallowed, don't you think?

Friday, December 4, 2015

TToT102: Not At Ease

I am not at ease this week. I feel gripped by a kind of nervous energy which is far from pleasant. But since this is the TToT, we're looking for silver linings here. And nervous energy can sometimes lead to great productivity, which it happens to have led to this week.

I have:

1. Put up the tree.

2. Made a new tree skirt from an old tablecloth I loved that got a hole in it from some sort of corrosive liquid that probably never should have been in the same area as our dining room table.

3. Finished a major project I've been working on for months. And months. Leo and I concocted the bright idea that it would be fun to make models of sports balls from styrofoam balls. I don't think there's much point in delving into how complicated the process became or how long we kicked those d%#n balls around the office (because they were always rolling around and I kept putting off working on them) or how hard it is to figure out where to paint the black pentagons on the soccer ball (I never got it right, but I did learn the white spaces are hexagons, not also pentagons).

Clap for me. I need it.

4. After cleaning up the second sequin bomb I found on the office floor, I promised I'd clean up the next with the vacuum. I felt a little bad as I did it tonight, but the sound of the vacuum removing all those tiny sequins from my life was incredibly satisfying.

5. I made a new fabric basket with tall sides and put the ziploc bags of sequins in it on a high shelf. I'm hoping the fact that they can't immediately be seen will be enough of a deterrent not to go climbing in search of them.

And finally I'm thankful for Lisa who makes my life better by (in the midst of all her stress) by assuring me that all my bad feelings aren't so bad that she doesn't have them too. And there's comfort in sharing them.

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