Friday, December 11, 2015

TToT103: Vermin

This has been a surprisingly good week considering the lice diagnosis.

As you might imagine, I have been laundering, combing, vacuuming at a furious pace.

In hypogratitude, I am thankful that we have the tools at hand to manage this infestation? I'm reaching here.

My house is very clean. I am very tired.

I wrote a post this week that was not a TToT post. It's been a long time.

I found my daughter's missing tooth while vacuuming under her bed.

I'm plugging away at the to-do list and feel somewhat less not-at-ease than I did last week. In spite of the lice.

I rediscovered this charming picture today that fills me with such a funny mixed bag emotions. I don't really miss the baby years; they're not my favorites. But this face, this perfect face.

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  1. You found the tooth!?!?!? Perhaps that is the thankful for the lice. Would you have been vacuuming under her bed if she didn't have it? (I'm stretching, too.) :)
    That is one sweet, sweet face. It is bittersweet to look at those old photos. Those little ones are way more adorable than teens.

  2. ugh I hear ya and feel your pain...whenever I received notice from the school warning about lice; Amelia would go to school with a dab of tree tea oil, a little bit of gel, combed her hair in a tight pony tail then either braid it or bunned (is that a word) it ... then hairspray her hair nothing got in that hair...but i did that to avoid what you have are quite brave and patient; i don't have what it takes...

    that is truly a sweet face...

    great find (the tooth)

    enjoy your week

  3. Oh good God i remember the damn lice...i actually got it (not my kid) from when i did PT in the school system...i was so freaked out i over washed with the prescription stuff and accidentally burned my scalp.

  4. Yes, that face, so sweet and cute. The infant years were not my favorite either. We had several lice outbreaks in the Preschool and they always began in my room because I hosted the kids bussed from the nearby elementary school. Several other teachers made us feel like lepers. But I learned some interesting facts about the critters. They like clean hair, so keeping lots of spray and products on kids' hair can be a deterrent.

  5. YAY for the tooth. BUt nope I can find no thankfuls in Lice. We had it for six weeks one time. It was like never ending monkey grooming and laundry so much laundry.

  6. so… let me get this straight, the lice stole a tooth?!! and hid it?! no way!!
    (lol just kidding, everyone knows that they won't hide the teeth they find!)
    missed you on the vidchat…. fortunately, according to my calendar, at any rate, there's another Friday! see you then!

  7. I am so sorry you've had to deal with that this week! My brother had it once or twice when he was little and I remember my mother spending hours picking through his hair.

  8. Lice. Ugh. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. Cute photo!

  9. Glad you found the tooth and that it wasn't swallowed. WELL DONE for getting through the to-do list, and for managing the lice so well. Keep on keeping on. You're a trooper :)

  10. Ohh, how I love that baby Maggie face! Can't believe you found her tooth - those things are so tiny! I hope you got the headlice eradicated. Kyle got them in kindergarten in the spring (they had rest time on towels, and the towels were all thrown together in a milk crate, and I realized AFTER he got them that it was a miracle it didn't happen sooner). I used the shampoo and combed and picked with tweezers. He was so patient! I was more worried that Emma would get them. She was barely two and would NOT have been that patient.

  11. Oh no, lice. Hope you're getting it under control.
    Lost teeth and baby pictures are treasures.


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