Friday, December 18, 2015

TToT104: Assumptions

I am thinking about assumptions tonight and the adage about assuming. I both made an ass of myself and was made an ass by other through assumptions this week, and I think I'll turn those into one big ten part hypogratitude list.

1. Don't assume you know someone's religion based on that person's membership in a group.

2. Don't assume that the prettiest and most delicious cookies were store-bought.

3. Don't assume you understand another person's reaction to difficult news.

4. Don't assume she got that cut the way a group of elementary school kids is insisting she got it.

5. Don't assume recipes touted on Pinterest are necessarily good ones.

6. Don't assume others can understand sarcasm over email.

7. Don't assume a friend can truly understand your meaning over text.

8. Don't assume you really sent that picture to Clark.

And, finally, this website and this article that are at least tangentially related to assumptions.

9. Princess Awesome makes some truly fabulous dresses for little girls. And I just found out of my new friend is the half the brains behind this company.

10. This article that has most certainly got me thinking.

May your days be merry and bright and as assumption-free as possible.

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  1. Making assumptions certainly do cause problems, doesn't it? Sounds like you had one heck of a week. Hope the coming one is nothing but clear messages and peace. :)

  2. Oh so right you are. Especially in not assuming someone can understand your tone through text or email. I find that many misunderstandings can occur if we make that assumption because there is no way of communication quite like good, old-fashioned talking. Thanks for your words of wisdom this week :)

  3. (fill in: the clever innuendo-centric comeback that I would say in a vidchat of on purpose… damn this increasing 'hey-jokey-come-backs-rarely-ever-work-in-print sensibility but it would have been funny!)
    One of the things about this TToT that I like the best is that there is such a thing as 'hypo gratitude'. And it is a valid category of items to list.
    It makes the difference (to me) between a bunch of strangers writing lists that make them look like highly evolved and mature lifeforms and a bunch of people who share parts of their lives with others who they know can identify with what they are going through, i.e. people of good intent.

  4. Sounds like a rough week. I skimmed the article and boy, do I know a guy who thinks his is the only opinion that matters, is real and yes, he may mistake himself for a heavenly being. He happens to be related by marriage. Hope the injury is okay.

  5. Ouch, Sarah. Looks like you had it a bit rough this week. Yes, assumptions do get us into trouble, but I guess it's borne out of survival...we have to assume things so that we can make decisions and so on. It's natural. Don't let it spoil your mood this season!

  6. I'm sorry you had a hard week. Hope all is smoothed out now and that you have a great week ahead!

  7. Assumptions are natural and very hard to not do.

  8. I'm good with assumptions and bad with when I find out I've gotten it horribly wrong. I hope that any messes were fixed and any ruffled feathers smoothed over *hugs*

  9. I am so sorry you've had a rough time...clearly we have not been in tough enough lately and I am certain that is my fault. You can always throw sarcasm at me via email or text - I think my brain just defaults to that because I'm such a cranky witch. I hope things are better. Let's talk soon? xo
    OH - and I read that Lolita article. Definitely interesting.

  10. Assumptions can have a rough edge, but think about it - we have to make them every day. You have to assume the person flying through the intersection isn't going to stop, so you slow down. You have to assume that if someone is lingering outside a store looking suspicious, that they might have ill will in mind, and you steer clear of them. You even have to assume, and this is my favorite, that there's only one cookie left on the plate because the universe wanted you to have it.

    Oh, no? My bad.

    (Great list. Glad I found you through the TToT linkup.)

  11. It is such an easy trap to fall into, but assuming about another person, especially, never turns out well.
    Off to read the article now.

  12. Oh assumptions...
    I actually needed to distance myself from a person this year because I assumed that she understood my ridiculous self and my jokes. She did not. Ever. And I had to apologize over and over. And it turns out that I had to not be me when I was with her --- and I hated me when I was with her.
    And I like me.
    So I can't be with her.
    C'est la vie.
    That's what this year is about...Me. It's not a selfish thing. I need to love me more. I really do. I have too many negative people in my life. I especially love at Christmas dinner how my family asked me if I was going to throw up dinner after --- because being chronically ill and losing so much weight (not on purpose) makes you an bulimic too now.
    Oh assumptions...


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