Sunday, August 30, 2015

TToT91: Under the Wire

Why do some months seem to last so much longer than others? Looking back through my August pictures, I feel like August has lasted about two to three months long.

School starts tomorrow, and I'm in a panic over it though trying my best to keep that inside. But our last week was a good one because we it was full of all the stuff we wanted and needed to squeeze in before school started.

Haircuts and splinter removals:

Trips to the National Building Museum ball pit, the beach, and the zoo:

And today I finished my bookshelves!

And now I am eating gazpacho in celebration. Or as someone wrote on Facebook today, as I rage, rage, rage against the end of summer.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

TToT90: Back To It

In all this travel and hosting over the summer, I've accumulated quite the to-do pile. And this week, I started digging in. I paid bills and finished emails, filled out forms and made calls. And aside from one major task that stares me down every time I approach my computer, I can pat myself on the back.

I impromptu hosted an old friend/kind of relative, and I was pleased with how quickly I could do a splash-dash clean-up of the basement and also had a wonderful night talking for hours about ancestors.

I made some decisions that needed to be made.

I made a new hanging address sign. We have a yard light with an arm for a hanging sign that's stood empty for two years. I finally made one. It's a bit boring at this point--white with black numbers. But I figured I might as well hang it while I'm considering how to spiff it up. 

I've started building the book shelves for our bedroom. I've got one shelf sanded, stained, and up with a little help from Home Depot and a neighbor with a chop saw. This project has taken quite a bit more physical labor than I usually put into my daily tasks, and I find my back and shoulders are sore tonight from sanding and schlepping for the last two days. But, books off the floor!

We may very well have taken care of that pesky carbon monoxide problem we found we were having. AND got the warranty to pay for part of it. Now we can re-insulate the attic. 'Cause we like to spend thousands at a time on home repairs.

I've felt a hint of fall in the air for some time. I caught myself in a doubletake as I drove home from Chattanooga a couple weekends ago when I saw a tree with a smattering of crimson leaves. Today, though, that hint started to feel a bit less subtle. Unlike others in this hope, I welcome the change: spring and fall are my favorites.

But none compare to my final one...

Are you ready?

I may (crossed fingers, knocking on wood) be done with diapers!!! ('Cept those nighttime ones.)

It took two whole days of staying home and the purchase of a red potty (at his request) to get that habit engrained, but I've got a boy who goes without prompting and then insists on emptying and rinsing his potty on his own. I'm feeling obsolete. In a good way. But I still get to pass out these (and take a few for myself while I'm at it).

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


I have visited those of my ancestors in Holliday, TN and Port Arthur, TX, in Lehigh, IA and Luverne, AL. And now in Clarksburg, MD. I understand the quiet communion that can be had with the memory of those long gone; the connection one can feel through the sight of a engraved, well-known name; the pleasure of placing a rock on the headstone to mark remembrance (though sometimes I imagine the deceased as they are in Our Town, figures in folding chairs with a far larger view of life than the living).

And I understand the wish to be cremated--to refuse participation in this tradition involving leeching chemicals and insulation from the Earth. But it's not for me. When I die, bury me in a shroud or a simple box; plant a tree above me and let me feed it so you can visit me in my shade.

Friday, August 14, 2015

TToT89: Shameful

It's shameful, truly (or shameless--I never am quite sure). Three weeks gone.

But I am back and ready to immerse myself once again in the land of the TToT.

I have a family--a large one--whose answer to tragedy is to band together, to hold hands, to love each other ever stronger.

I have traditions that I will cling to forever--familiar games and songs and stories, and now Sad Country Fridays with bourbon (one ice cube).

I have a family of my own who need me in so many different ways who both grant me leeway and keep my attention riveted.
That's ten.

P.S. I need new picture software. Recommendations?

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