Sunday, January 31, 2016

TToT107: Birthday Weekend #1

I am 40.

I am thankful I have lived this long in relative health, that my parents and siblings are all living, that my niece and nephews are fun people,n and that we all enjoy spending time together.

I am thankful for the fancy dinner my parents treated us all to and how my family made me laugh until I cried.

I am thankful for the "hilarious travesty" of a cake my sister made for me because that meant I didn't have to.

I am thankful that all my family came from so far and for such a short period of time to help me celebrate my birthday.

And to back up just a bit...

I am thankful that is there is no snow in the forecast for some time, and that I have some hope of seeing the ground once again. I am thankful that breaking my shovel in the hard crust of snow in our driveway gives me an excellent excuse to not shovel again until we get a new one.

And this week is the week I get to see Lizzi again! And Kristi! And maybe Denise? Whoop!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

TTOT106: Paint

My hands are so dry they are bleeding in places. It's enough to overcome my hatred for lotion. I've even dug into the salve.

It's because I decided to paint my entire basement, and I've had to pumice the paint off my hands at least once a day. Plus, winter.

I do my best thinking while my hands are busy. So I'm...I don't know...four or five times thankful (depending on what gap I need to fill on this list) for the multiple rooms of my basement. Also for Devon at the Sherwin-Williams store and Touch of Sand, Indigo Batik, Deep Sea Dive, Tranquil Aqua, and Modest White.

I had a great chorus retreat last weekend (which was my excuse for not posting last week). Major milestone: I was able to make mistakes and not bash myself over the head with them, and then actually practice some new skills.

In just a few hours I may very well witness my first blizzard.


Vidchat, especially for Lisa and the remote control saga

Don't forget to wish me a Happy Major Birthday on Wednesday!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

TToT105: Relief

Five hours until this week is over.

There's my ten.

In five hours I will bid adieu to a week of late bedtimes, frantic mornings, tardy arrivals, forgotten appointments, and missed emails.

Turning over a fresh new leaf of steady routines, preparation, and more cheerful attitude all 'round (ohpleaseohplease).

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