Friday, February 12, 2016

TToT109: Life

Quick and dirty list this weekend. That's all I've got.

1. Busy weeks go fast.

2. This week is over.

3. It wasn't bad; just busy.

4. Instead of having no options for a particular service, we now have two choices.

5. Whereas choices are often difficult, I might be close to a decision.

6. Strengthening bonds with new friends.

7. A night out.

8. Something called OysterFest tomorrow night.

9. A relatively easy meeting.

10. Dancing for the SGV. Haven't used that in awhile. They will be gracious, I'm sure.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Good ol SGV. I'm gonna cry off til Sunday. But here I can be thankful for vidchat and wine and you explaining some more politics for me. OH and for Brian and Bloody Mary Bars and for being here with Kristi on my last night in Murica, and to the future and COMING BACK.

    Hope your weekend is SUPER <3

  2. Oysterfests are my favorite. Enjoy.

  3. good list, the SGV are bundled up….except for that new girl! (I'll let you know)

  4. I have an additional thankful: thank you to Sarah for weighing in on the Great Prom Dress Decision. Glad you have options. Glad you're close to a decision. Glad you like such a thing as an Oyster Fest, as long as no one expects ME to eat one.

    1. I'm pretty sure my response was not all that helpful. But I liked being asked.

  5. sounds like a great week - enjoy the weekend and next week too :)

  6. Hope this week is more relaxing! Good luck with your decision.

  7. Ooh, oysters.
    Perfect for Valentine's Day I hear.

  8. Yay for options!
    Bigger yay for strengthening bonds with friends.
    Yay for other people eating nasty oysters. :)

    1. Yay for options unless you're one of those people paralyzed by them. I almost wish I had just had one choice.
      You and Dyanne. I ate your portions.

  9. I haven't eaten oysters in years, and then it was oyster stew. Maybe I'd like the taste now.😀. It is nice to strengthen bonds with friends. Good luck in making your decisions.

  10. The options are maybe my favorite thing here.
    I've never had an oyster in my life. Nothing about them appeals to me. :D


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