Sunday, February 28, 2016

TToT110: Firsts

As the stomach bug wends its way through our community, and we hear via Facebook or text that yet another family has been struck with the nasty virus, I am thankful, once again, that I am not currently vomiting.

That is a rare thing to be able to hold onto that thankful. It's too easy to forget the horrors of the full-family stomach bug.

My chorus sang at two nursing homes one night this week, and the second was the most fun performance I've ever been a part of. The audience was closing their eyes, mouthing the words, and even singing along. For the first time, I realized how a truly involved audience can help the performers have more fun.

And then I made this face.
But I was really having fun and enjoying the quartet's performance.

I survived a terribly embarrassing encounter with a service provider for my daughter who probably put down in her notes that I'm a mama to watch. Oh well, I'll prove I'm a good one after all.

The Good Old Dude planned a last minute date for us that was mucho fun and involved us meeting a singer/songwriter we greatly admire and lava cake.

I got my hair died for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Pink streaks. But they're disappointingly subtle. "Subtle" is generous. More next time. When I have money again.

And I have a book recommendation: Fates and Furies. President Obama likes it too. But unless you also had Mrs. Postula for middle school English and a way better memory than mine, keep your Greek Mythology reference handy. Or Google.

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  1. Replies
    1. Sorry. I haven't been first to comment on anyone's blog in a long time.
      Don't ya hate it when a photographer gets you at just the wrong moment? Glad you had fun, despite what the evidence shows. :)
      Yay for no vomiting!
      I do love a last minute date. I'm thinking my Bryan and I could use one of those.

  2. I hope very much that you continue to prove immune to the vomiting bug, and that it disappears from your community soon, without too many traces left of its presence.

    YAY to you having such a fun time at the choral performance, and booooo to bad photos (which often seem to happen to me, usually at home, when I'm eating (of all times - seriously, look back through family photo albums and I'm just this big fat pig, constantly shovelling food - very disappointing (in fact, scratch that, don't look)).

    Here's to a week of loveliness for you, and better pink next time :)

  3. Take it from me and stay virus free...ooooo...go me that rhymes!

  4. I love it pink hair - no more vomitalot and a date -
    I am beyond jealous that anyone can sing - I cannot but that does not stop me especially in the car and when I am cooking.... having said all of that sing your hearts content no matter ho it looks!


  5. Eh, I think you look like you're having fun - sing it, sista! :D
    And the pink streaks! Love it! My hair is short these days. I've been wanting to get purple streaks, but...they'll grow out in like...two weeks. long as the grays blend in with my almost black hair and can't really be seen, I'll have to settle for a little while until I get in the mood to let it grow out. Dang, might be awhile. Time is of the essence. XD
    Hope you've been well and stay healthy!

  6. ayiiee I just got a visual of a community with everyone vomiting…. except they all do it as if it were a normal part of life, you know, "your Medium Regular Hazelnut coffee and (ralph!!!) and 1 glazed donut, that'll be….


  7. I would rather be any kind of sick than vomity sick.
    I miss singing in my church choir. I could re-join anytime, I suppose. Maybe I should. But I think I'd rather sing with you in your group. But you live there and I live here.
    Pink huh? You are braver than I. I want to see it. Oh, hey. We live far apart. Dammit.
    But I'm thankful for catching up and that the world of technology exists so that far apart doesn't feel quite so far apart.

  8. Added Fates and Furies to my list. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stuff that makes reference to classic texts and mythology and all the things. Whee!

  9. One of the books I wanted to study during my retirement was Bullfinch's Mythology. Singing people are happy people. You've had full week, whimsical even, with pink hair and lava cake. I love the confidence you emit about the care provider faux pas. You are an EXCELLENT mama!

  10. I think it's very cool that you sing in a chorus and rejoice with you that your family is evading the stomach flu bug and need to see a picture of the pink hair and am very curious about the embarrassing encounter you had.


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