Saturday, March 12, 2016

TToT112: I Took A Nap Today

Done. Amiright?

No, actually, the Dude is writing my list this week (at his request). My comments in italics.

1. My husband still thinks I am hot and likes to pat me on my rear end when he sees me. (I'm worried about where this is going.)

2. My husband has the patience of Job (someone hasn't read all of Job, huh?) when he is with my screaming kids.

3. My husband gets us good discounts on flights.

4. My husband picked up medicine for my daughter on the way home from work this week even though he was not driving that day. (She's got the flu on her birthday week; isn't that miserable?)

5. Because of my husband, I can now sing along with Sympathy For the Devil.

6. My husband allows me to put my cold feet on him.

7. My husband will take a child by himself to Busch Gardens. (Hallelujah!)

8. My husband works hard at our relationship (this is true).

9. My husband praises my cooking even when it is for something as simple as salt and pepper on green beans (oil and vinegar too, but he's forgotten).

10. My husband speaks the love language of gifts, and I benefit from that (wow, that makes me sound horrible).

Well, that was easy for me. Let's see if other spouses want to join! I nominate Bryan Woodruff.

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  1. Really fun that you did this together. Always interesting to hear the male perspective on such things as relationships. In my mind, he deserves many kudos for #10. And not just for gift buying--which, dang! That is nice! But what really got me was that he was familiar not only with the whole Languages of Love theory, but that he can identify which one he speaks. Mighty impressive!

    1. Someone turned him on to those love languages several months ago. He talks about them frequently now.

  2. oh how adorable - i would be a little nervous letting Nick do my list....
    but what a great list, you are truly blessed.
    here is my theory regarding men its not proven only because it's based on one subject (my husband) and yet when I say it out loud women (my friends) have been known to nod, think about it, agree and laugh...i believe men (my husband ) never left the 5th grade LOL think about it -

    all in fun though right, enjoy it :) do not worry)

    1. I was a little nervous, but he was waiting on me to play a game with him, and I figured I could get the post written faster if he just dictated it. Yes, never beyond 5th.

  3. interesting idea…. (being from Y Chromia, I totally can imagine the list were Phyllis to write it).

  4. How fun Sarah! And creative!
    I'd say you guys make a great team :)
    You've got me curious about #5 :D Care to share?

    1. I was singing it the other day and realized that's thanks to him. I would say I didn't know much of the The Rolling Stones before I knew him.
      The whole idea, I have to admit, was borne out of his desire for me to finish the post quickly and play a game with him. What is that proverb about invention and necessity?

  5. Haaaa. Denise and i had the same question... Fun post!!!

  6. Haaaa. Denise and i had the same question... Fun post!!!

  7. cute. I wonder if I could get mine to do this...
    I saw the love languages thing a long time ago. I should find it again and look.
    And another vote for explaining #5, please.

  8. Sounds like you have a terrific husband!

  9. How nice of your husband to write your post!

  10. I think he wrote a pretty darn good list. Tell him if he would use his love language to buy you an electric mattress pad, you wouldn't have to put your cold feet on him.

  11. A very interesting perspective. (My husband pats my rear too). I doubt though, my husband would write a post for me as he doesn't even read what I write. In my eyes, that makes your Brian a hero. :)


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