Friday, May 13, 2016

TToT113: Will You Take Me Back?

...sneaks in hoping people won't comment on her excessive absence...

I'm here, partly out of duty, partly out of loyalty, and partly because once again the world has seemed to be a sad and scary place the last coupla weeks and I was needing it. I'm ready to count my blessings, one by one, after oh, so long. (And not because of a rather pointed (though kind, I know it was kind) comment made by one Dizzy Lahling (ha, I said it!). I made up my mind before; ask Lisa.) And in that vein, many, many sincere thanks to those who checked in on me and motivated me and made me know they missed me. There's ten alone. But also...

The sun is shining at this moment. As of yesterday, our nation's capitol was under a nearly-record-setting 15 straight days of rain. That's measured at National airport (we don't say Reagan at our house). Technically, we (north of DC) didn't get any rain on Mother's Day (thankful!), and we did get a bit of a sprinkle yesterday, which National did not (thereby ending the streak). Either way, we've hardly seen the sun for two weeks, and I am officially declaring myself a victim of SAD. Hence, the gratitude for the current, descending yet shiny, sun.

We've lived here in our house for three years now. And in those years, I've reached my maximum personal output regarding garden improvement. Lest you cluck disapprovingly at my gross motor output, I must note that I did dig up my own grass and build my own raised garden beds all by meself back in the day. I did have energy and gumption once upon a time. Now I am tired and my back hurts. Enter Alex of A&A Landscaping LLC, whom I now love more than my husband (jk). Alex and his team extended our garden beds out into our yard and and adjusted all of the crowded plants I had put in. Yesterday (while it wasn't raining but was exceedingly gray and dreary), Leo and I (mostly I) slogged about our swampy yard and planted and planted and planted. It's not just tomatoes and peppers this year, folks!!! Beans! Cucumbers! And more!

And the day I went to the plant nursery (it was raining, of course, and frickin' freezing), they were running a one-day sale on shrubs and climbing vines! Have you ever heard of a climbing hydrangea? I had not, but now I own one.

And as of today, my teeth are dentist-level clean, and it turns out I didn't remove an old filling through my excessive Starburst eating a month or so ago (that's what set off the weight gain, Graviteers). I did shift the filling (or maybe it was always a little too high?) so that it caused me to bruise a ligament (presumably through the excessive Starburst consumption--and btw, did you know teeth have ligaments? news to me) but Dr. Katie filed it down for me, and it should be as good as new. A woman hopes.

As a household, we are now knee-deep in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It's challenging mainly from the paying attention and taking notes perspective, which has never been a strength of mine. But I like to think of this sort of experience as instructive. I am learning a new field! I am expanding my understanding! This can only be good, right? And, I think its been effective.

I have a good friend whose three-year-old had brain surgery this week (part of what has made my world sad and scary lately). They removed part of his brain that was having seizures. (Again, things I am glad to know that I didn't previously know: this is highly recommended surgery for young children with localized seizures--you take out a portion of the brain (the seizing part) and the rest of the brain takes over. Isn't the body amazing?!?) It was a long and painful process, and not to say recovery won't be long and painful too, but it's good to have the surgery phase done and over. I am not a parent in this case, so my grief and worry are not a consideration, but I do hope they allow me to feel for the parents. Brain surgery is a big deal even if the outcome is good.

There are other small thankfuls: that my son currently thinks it is fun to travel up and down our driveway on various wheeled (non-motorized) means of locomotion while I cook dinner (if it's not raining), that my daughter is settling in to sleep easier on weeknights, that my husband works as hard as he does for a job he doesn't love, that MD Anderson Cancer Center exists. That last one; that's a biggie.

I have much and more to be thankful for. This was a worthwhile way to spend my time. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Replies
    1. But where's your real comment?

    2. Ha! Right after I typed that, I got pulled away and haven't sat down again to finish my commenting.
      We have been getting sooooo much rain, too. I've had enough.
      Teeth have ligaments??
      The body is remarkable. What a horrifying experience for your friends. I'm glad the surgery went well. I'll be praying for them during the coming, difficult recovery.
      Glad to have you back at the hop, regardless of how or why you got here. :)

    3. Yes, ligaments. You can see them as very fine dark lines around your teeth in an X-ray.
      My friend's son is doing really well, actually!

  2. Your last thankful--have I missed something? I hope everything is OK.
    How scary for your friend! The body is an amazing thing. May her child make a complete, speedy recovery!

    1. A cousin, and a dear one. It's too sad.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Our dear Sarah you have been missed not because of obligation ...because of being you and not here. Im so glad you're back. I was looking at the contacts on my phone the other day and saw your smiling face....xo me and the old poodle

  3. Sarah, I have missed you. Watching the plants grow will renew your spirit which sounds like it has been tread upon over the last bits of time. Rain always dampens (pun intended) the spirit. I'd like to hear more about the ABA. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Val. I am back. Mainly it's a lot of charting with diminishing prizes for the positive behavior. As of right now, the main focus is on going to the bathroom with the door closed. She hates closed doors, and you can see why we'd want her to learn that for public restrooming.

  4. SR 1.489 subchapter 8 celery states: "so you're there first, doesn't seem to be anyone around... you're going for FRIST, there! you have thought enough, promise to come back and read the thing and claim FRIST, otherwise someone from Bulbs 'n Beets might sneak in and take it before you can finish reading." (ibid. op.cit and conundrum Secret Book of Rules (aka Book of Secret Rules) 2016 edition.

    nicely played Christine!

  5. I'm slinking back this weekend after a long while away too. I do hope your friend's child has the best possible recovery.

  6. HEY! I said you couldn't...and then you went right on ahead and... *giggling* Okay, YOU may use the name :D I think I like that I can imagine you saying it In Real, and can hear your you-voice in my head. :D

    HIIIII! Welcome welcome welcome back. I'm so happy you wrote again (though not thrilled about your sad, sad, reasons, and BOOOOO and prayers on them!). I also don't rate your weather, and IF things all work out according to The New Plan, I shall be super-sad not to see you lots, and SUPER-happy not to see more rain than England these past few weeks (Kristi updates me on weather and other unrelated things).

    So glad for your garden and all your planting :D You're a star.

    1. I won't ever again. It just came out that one time, and I left it.

      YOU'RE the star!!!

  7. you have been missed - hope it all gets better - sending you my good thoughts to you and your family - i believe that - that our bodies do have a healing process but I also think we haven't figure it out yet, fully. I do hope all is well with your friends child and cousin.

    your garden sounds amazing - :)

  8. That is a weighty list. Glad you got it off your chest...too much to carry.
    The brain surgery sounds terrifying to me, but I believe it sounds like a surgery I saw a television report on. If so, I understand it can accomplish great things! Here's hoping.
    A climbing hydrangea?! Be still my heart!

    1. His recovery has been coming along nicely. Here's hoping for the best, as you said!

  9. You have such a heavy list, like May said, and I'm so glad you put the process of finding the good to work. I have SO VERY MUCH missed you and I'm glad we've been catching up. I think the ABA is going to be great for all concerned.
    I had no idea about tooth ligaments. As for Starburst...don't you find they taste like wax? I do. But I suppose if you were binge eating them then no, you probably don't. :D


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