Saturday, May 21, 2016

TToT114: Cold and Rain, Glimpse of Sun, Rain and Cold

You know those maps that show how we'll lose our coastlines due to global warning? I think we're on our way. I think Washington DC is slowly sinking under the weight of all this rain into the Chesapeake Bay. We will all slip under the Atlantic brine while wearing our parkas. My corduroys are thinning from over-wear, and my shorts languish on a closet shelf. This is untenable.

OK, OK, OK, we did see the sun a couple of times last week and for that I am thankful. But I need more than a few hours here and there.

And during one of those times, my son and I conducted physics experiments in the creek near our house. In other words, we raced boats. (And I'll grant a grudging thank you to the rain for making the creek a good place for boat racing this spring.) You won't be surprised to find rock boats were not so effective. Even short sticks tended to get stuck, and small leaves got drowned. But sturdy leaves and tulip poplar flowers? Those make great boats for racing.

When I was a kid, we did not have a creek near our house, but we lived in a rainy enough location (from whence I think I draw my rain hatred) that we raced our boats along the curbs to the finish line of the storm drain. I remember distinctly that the stiff, curved bark of a crepe myrtle tree made an excellent boat.

There is terribly sad news in this world. Horrible, unfair news. I say it's the rain that's got me down, but it's only partly that. I have a cousin who is very, very ill. He has a rare and aggressive cancer. He is also the older brother of the cousin who was tragically killed in a biking accident ten months ago. He has a wife and twin sixth grade boys, and he is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. We are hoping he will qualify for a study at MD Anderson. I know some of you pray; I know others send positive thoughts and energies under different terminology. I ask that you do so on his behalf. His name is Dan.

I have my coloring books. Those have come in handy this week.

And my friend's son is doing so well! Learning to walk and talk again and transferred just this morning from the hospital to inpatient rehab for the intensive therapy he needs to retrain his brain. Two weeks there at most and then home again!

How about you? Thankfuls?

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  1. prayers and good thought s are being said - i hate to see suffering glad to hear about the boy

    the rain - this weather - winter clothes is still among us we have not set up the yard ...oh boy the weather on the east cost definitely shifted...

    hang in there have a great week

    1. I'm looking ahead and next week and we might get some sun! And warmth! And warmth with rain. Boo. But I'll take it. Shorts and a glimpse of the sun will lift my spirits. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts.

  2. I'm a sunophile, not a pluviophile and I know how everything seems dark, dull and dreary on a rainy day. The art of racing in the rain sounds like a fun activity. I'm glad there is some good news about your friend's son and you know Dan will be in my prayers and thoughts and positivity. Val from My Virtual Vineyard

    1. You know, I must be somewhere in between 'cause I don't LOVE the sun (like at the beach--all I can think about it getting burnt), but I do HATE the rain. And I get so dreary if I haven't seen the sun. This is why I don't put window treatments on any windows I can reasonably leave bare. And by the way, I had to look up pluviophile thought I had a fairly good guess from context. :)
      Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts and positivity.

  3. So good to see you! Thank you - THANK YOU - for the sweet birthday messages! And I'm *so* sorry I haven't made it over here more...working this first year for Jackson County and the after school program has made my "blogging career" sporadic at best. LOL.
    But I think of you often!
    And I'm thinking of your cousin. That's rough. O.o Sending thoughts of light and love to Dan.
    The rain. Yeah. This rain.'re a little further east than I's finally sunny here. We're going to try for a mountain bike ride a little later. :)
    Sending you hugs and lots of light! xo

    1. Thank you for your thoughts of light and love. It's not a good situation and it seems to hopelessly unfair. I'm finding coloring to be soothing. I need to download some of your pics!

  4. gutter boat races! excellent. ('cept for the ending being in those naturally (and preternaturally) scary storm drains. Never liked them, as a kid way before Stephen King)

  5. I will keep Dan in my prayers. Your family has certainly had quite the year.
    I remember racing boats in the creek on my grandparents' farm when I was young. I hadn't thought about that in years--thanks for prompting that memory.

  6. Absolutely sending up prayers for Dan and his family. I hear such good things about MD Anderson. I hope he will get to experience them (and healing!) first hand.
    And here is a good thing about rain....we have had enough this spring (and I guess last fall) that the paper said this morning that Kansas is officially no longer in a drought! It has been ongoing for six years or so. We aren't floating any boats curbside yet, but we are feeling pretty pleased with the moisture just the same!

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin Dan. Fingers crossed he gets into that study!

    As sorry as I am to hear about your cousin, I am thrilled to hear how well your friend's son is doing. Brains are amazing things and children's brains are even more amazing. Actually children are just amazing in general - on one hand so very fragile but on the other hand so very tough!

  8. Rainy weather can add to bad moods, but sounds like you have your reasons. Positive thoughts for Dan, as that cancer thing is a terrible monster to fight. Glad the little guy is starting rehab for retraining though and doing better.
    Boat races in the gloomy weather sound like a good idea though. Also, perfect time to make use of those wonderful colouring books. Always loved those.

  9. Dan in our prayers, absolutely. Glad to hear your friend's son is doing better, though. Balance in the world, though inevitable, is sometimes a double-edged sword, isn't it?
    I know I'm the weirdo here, but I am always so happy on a rainy day. I love the rain. I think it's my melancholy streak at work there. Racing boats in the rain sounds delightful. I hope there were warm blankets and drinks to follow, of course.
    Talk soon. xo


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