Sunday, February 28, 2016

TToT110: Firsts

As the stomach bug wends its way through our community, and we hear via Facebook or text that yet another family has been struck with the nasty virus, I am thankful, once again, that I am not currently vomiting.

That is a rare thing to be able to hold onto that thankful. It's too easy to forget the horrors of the full-family stomach bug.

My chorus sang at two nursing homes one night this week, and the second was the most fun performance I've ever been a part of. The audience was closing their eyes, mouthing the words, and even singing along. For the first time, I realized how a truly involved audience can help the performers have more fun.

And then I made this face.
But I was really having fun and enjoying the quartet's performance.

I survived a terribly embarrassing encounter with a service provider for my daughter who probably put down in her notes that I'm a mama to watch. Oh well, I'll prove I'm a good one after all.

The Good Old Dude planned a last minute date for us that was mucho fun and involved us meeting a singer/songwriter we greatly admire and lava cake.

I got my hair died for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Pink streaks. But they're disappointingly subtle. "Subtle" is generous. More next time. When I have money again.

And I have a book recommendation: Fates and Furies. President Obama likes it too. But unless you also had Mrs. Postula for middle school English and a way better memory than mine, keep your Greek Mythology reference handy. Or Google.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

TToT109: Life

Quick and dirty list this weekend. That's all I've got.

1. Busy weeks go fast.

2. This week is over.

3. It wasn't bad; just busy.

4. Instead of having no options for a particular service, we now have two choices.

5. Whereas choices are often difficult, I might be close to a decision.

6. Strengthening bonds with new friends.

7. A night out.

8. Something called OysterFest tomorrow night.

9. A relatively easy meeting.

10. Dancing for the SGV. Haven't used that in awhile. They will be gracious, I'm sure.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

TToT108: Strong Odors and a BIG PARTY (Birthday Weekend #2)

Remember how I got that fabulous new stove last fall? I love it. Among its other attributes, you can program its start for a later time. This comes in handy on Thursdays when we have gymnastics. I set it to start about thirty minutes before we return. Once we get home, it's preheated and ready for its task of defrosting and heating the kids' Thursday night meal of chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries (aka, the high point of my daughter's week).

Well, this week Brian also brought home an enormous box of baked breads and pastries. The very devil in my house. I complained about it to Clark as I sent him my ever-inflating number each morning. It was a large box, wrapped in cellophane, and we stored it in the oven to keep the treats fresh.

I bet you know where I'm going.

And sure enough, when we arrived home Thursday night, I puzzled over the smoke and smell for a fraction of a second before rushing to the oven and tossing the plastic-plastered bagels, muffins, and cinnamon rolls in their deeply singed cardboard box out the kitchen door. 

Have you ever smelled the smell of oven-burned cellophane? It was merely a puddle on the oven floor by the time we got home. Still not entirely sure where the twistie disappeared to.

I spent that evening scraping plastic drips and puddles off the racks and floor of my pristine new oven with a razor blade (hence the cuts on my fingers) and giving my house as long an airing as I could stand considering the temperatures. Nevertheless, the smell remained.

That is, until I had a bright idea to put a small bottle of peppermint oil in each bathroom of our house (it's only taken me a year to follow through on that idea, Dyanne). While portioning it out into smaller bottle, I managed to spill a good tablespoon of it all over the counter. While my eyes still sting and water and I get a good sinus clearning every time I wipe that part of the counter still, two days later, I will say the smell of burnt plastic is gone from my house. Now it smells like a candy cane.

But an even bigger thankful of this week is for friends. I got two cards in the mail from two of my dear cohosts, a sweet email and offer from another, and two others' (plus a TToT regular and relative's) attendance at my party on Friday! You know who you are, and I thank you from deep, deep in my heart for making my birthday special.

The party was much fun with attendees from all different parts of my life and serenading from some of my favorite chorus members. Then Lizzi and Kristi stayed over at my house, and let's just say their presence made it...a night to remember. Plus, they gave me two perfectly perfect gifts that just illustrate how well blogger friends can know each other.

But, finally, BIGGEST THANKFUL OF ALL goes to the hubs who has expended all kinds of energy, time (that he does not have), and money to make me feel loved and honored on this momentous birthday!


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